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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

INFP Anarchists martyrs ? part 1

Part 2 :

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No one can deny the polarization and division when it comes to politics more than ever which I don't necessarily see it to being a bad thing , similar to the 1960s , we can sometimes spot who the good people are vs the bad people. But of course the evil from the right isn't going to give up without a fight. In recent years more and more youtubers and bloggers teaching Libertarian Socialist Anarchism to New Thought / New Age Spirituality which maybe a great deal of INFPs leading the way of their lightworker mission I suppose , well relating to the saying " As Above , So Below . " In other words there's most certainly counter-protests going on from the right which includes but not limited to PragerU and even YouTubers that fully admit with no shame of being fascist bullies.

Relating to this video , I've noticed specific words that are thrown at the left wing politically , many I often wonder are negative discriminating terms against INFPs such as butt hurt crybaby , special snowflake , social justice warrior ( SWJ ) , identify politics , agenda and in this video I will cover another one which is the words " martyr " and " martyrdom " . Even though " martyr " and " martyrdom " like " agenda / dogma / etc " may not be Right Wing invented words or perhaps none of them are , they are most certainly used against the left wing political supporters and perhaps like the Goth stereotype even INFPs as well. Perhaps even Anarchists.

So that's the question. Are INFPs and or Anarchists Martyrs ?

I personally didn't educate myself enough about that word but here's my thoughts about all of this if that debate itself be the case.

_ Erica

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