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Friday, October 26, 2018

Anarchy Is For Everyone

Anarchy is For Everyone by Erica Crooks

Let’s talk about the world currently. To put it simply , it is a mess.
We’ve got people who think everything is perfect the way it is or indifferent if they want to think of the so called “ Real World “ as logic or spiritually . And I have addressed this many times especially those teach Law of Attraction more often than not for a price , that it’s not “ Their lives are their responsibility and your life is your own so therefore everything is perfect . “ It’s actually a balance of both. Some think that the duality of Good vs Evil is stupid. But let me put it in different yet more better words for a direction towards equality , LOVE vs FEAR .
There’s some New Age people who see a happy world where everyone has their own business and no one is ever poor. In fact these kinds of people should NEVER EVER be called New Age people , these are entrepreneurs and capitalists that cash in on New Age / New Thought Spirituality probably because they don’t believe in Law of Attraction themselves.

Let me share a story about my mother today. My mother preyed to God ( or Universe ) for more money because putting money to her car , rent , feeding the cat and herself is all she got. And somehow , she manifested a check in the mail. The very thing that Bob Proctor said outside The Secret DID NOT EXIST ! I like Bob Proctor for being a collector of some of the best philosophy for boosting self esteem. The capitalist aspect about him , not so much. Many are into capitalism which seems kind of contradictory to me because most LEFT WING New Thought / New Age Spiritual people are anti-capitalists , know that The New World Order / Illuminati is ran by the Right Wing and not The Left ( as Alex Jones and David Icke probably believe that all blame is on The Left Wing ) .  

Still , I consider myself to be a New Age / New Thought Spiritual Anarchist . Once I meet my Twin Flame face to face after 9 years of only knowing her in Telepathy Only as well as the Kundalini Spiritual Awakening stuff , I knew THIS STUFF IS REAL ! The paranormal Mirroring and Running did scare me for a solid year though.

But why did I decide to talk about all of this ? Well I do find The Law of Attraction extremely important no matter where you go. But like all things good it does seem to be tainted even a little bit with “ Hierarchical System reverence “ .

The thing about Anarchism and especially Libertarian Socialist Anarchism which is what I favor ( check out The Anarchist FAQ ) for more information . And it’s not just an iNtuitive thing , it’s for EVERYONE ! And perhaps it’s a lot more easier for people to understand than deep spirituality which I also think is just as important , in fact New Age / New Thought Spirituality ( Law of Attraction )  and Anarchism have very strong similarities ( They are aware that human beliefs of limitation is a lie that stops us living our full potential ( * Hierarchy * ) for example.

As I mentioned in my article blog post that even though there isn’t an evil personality type , there are personality types that might side with hierarchy or even ( right wing ) Libertarian / Anarcho - Capitalism ( NT types mostly ) and even just hierarchy alone ( SJ types ) .

And I mention Personality Type science a lot , Myers Briggs MBTI mostly because I as an INFP find this accurate . Maybe it’s an INFP thing since Briggs Myers herself was an INFP married to an STJ type but it’s for everyone , it’s just that all this stuff I mention SHOULD be used for the good of humanity , not just career and business organization and business goal setting.

One of the myths about capitalism is that we would all live like the wild animals if we did not have Hierarchy like Capitalism , The State , Fundamentalist Religion , Gods and Masters , etc.
This isn’t true at all. In fact , IT’S A LIE ! And if you think about it , if life is so perfect the way it is , then how come every person in life even just a handful of times were abused in someway by some kind of sociopath ?

According to The Anarchist FAQ , anti-social behavior ( toxic social mental illness ) is the indicator. What’s interesting is , it doesn’t matter if they are on the internet as cyberbullies / trolls / cyber criminals (  I recommend the website for more information / ) , Or your abusive parents and ex-lovers ( I recommend the book “ Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome “ and any study on Personality Disorders and Narcissistic Abuse ( although I just can’t trust Sam Vaknin . Like David Icke and Donald Trump , they are Transphobic Bigots ) . Or even President Donald J Trump etc etc long superior hierarchical title because he loves it . It’s all the same ! Mental Illness .
Social Left Wing Anarchists that I am too and I admire these Anarchists’ knowledge the best , mention how Mental Illness is created from Hierarchy. In this case “ Capitalism “ and The State as well as any form of Hierarchy. According to The Anarchist FAQ , such abusive parenting is done in an Authoritarian Ideology . 

Some may think perhaps this is where some Personality Types originate from like ST types.
I think personality types are born that way. My landlord I strongly believe is an STJ and she isn’t a horrible transphobic bigot like an STJ neurologist I went to see which the only thing I learned is ANYONE can be diagnose and it doesn’t mean a freakin thing. As long as your not hurting other people or yourself , who cares ! But that’s the thing , just like most things including Psychology , It’s tainted by hierarchy. Even a little bit.
It’s like MBTI experts saying INFPs need to THINK REALISTICALLY and make REALISTIC GOALS  . NO   WE    DO   NOT ! :P ( sticking tongue out ! )
I remember an INTP friend of mine said something about Ts , “ Even though I’m a thinker and not a feeler , doesn’t mean I can not love. “ . There’s even INTJs who are into Spirituality and Philosophy , especially Bob Proctor who I totally think is an INTJ or ENTJ or something.
And not all ESTPs are Donald Trump ! There’s some ESTPs who know that Trump has got serious mental problems. Not all ESTPs are sociopaths. 

Yes , I do think anything can be typed with MBTI typology , but that’s knowledge sake not discrimination sake. That’s why a website like mbtibase had such a great concept . Even if it was filled with satirical entries . Unfortunately it got Trolled , users got bullied and even HACKED ! Most people who are into MBTI seriously probably already know what I’m talking about.

The point I’m trying to make here is Anarchism is NOT A CHOICE , because what is anarchism ? It’s freedom from hierarchical power , it’s where Law and Order is replaced with making all human needs and freedoms meet just like The Self Determination Theory , It’s to GET RID OF POVERTY and ANTI-Social Behavior ONCE AND FOR ALL , and like New Thought / New Age Spirituality it’s all an expression of unconditional love. 

This is the sort of America or Free Country that nationalists / the dreamers / the patriotic have always hoped for. They just need to know that nationalism , free countries , capitalism , patriotic , is a brainwashed lie !

We are not protected. Mainstream Entertainment for the most part is absolute CRAP ! What good does copyright laws do for the common person ? How about WAR ? EVERYTHING ? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ?

Anti-social behavior isn’t even a crime if it hurts innocent people , it’s only a crime if it harms the capitalism of the ruling class. That’s like burning an American flag , yes it’s a waste of material which could be used for something else ( Recycle ) but again ..
Check out The Anarchist FAQ .

The point I want to make here is this . Life without hierarchy is a beautiful thing. Sure free countries aren’t as totalitarian as many parts of the world is , But that's probably because of the fact that once people want more freedom WE WANT IT ALL ! 

Mentally Ill people who have Anti-social behavior should not go to jail or get the electric chair . They should get psychiatric help. And what I mean by that is this. Not giving them legal drugs from their psychologist and think they will be fine. Going to a therapist once a week isn’t going to help. But if they went somewhere where they can be comfortable but at the same time be AWAY FROM SOCIETY UNTIL CURED , that’s the way to do it. But it ain’t going to do a thing unless we get rid of Hierarchy. So until then , we can keep pointing out the truth because Fascists HATE THAT ! Yes , it’s all connected. Just like Guard Dogs , Dogs get Abused and that’s why they are so aggressive. And like people , they fear their authority so they are going to take their frustrations on EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE AND ANYONE ELSE ! You see how Authoritarian upbringing is deliberate and that it’s evil brainwashing for CENTURIES ! As The Anarchist FAQ points out , it either creates submissiveness towards hierarchy or wanting to become such an authority or just control people thought hierarchy. Ruling Class or poor , sociopaths can be anywhere. Even some hiding it as the famous.

Hell , I personally went to a therapist All The Freakin Time since childhood until probably 2012 because New Thought / New Age Spirituality SAVED MY LIFE and made even more sense. Libertarian Socialist Anarchism MORE SO ! Perhaps I used to be the submissive one.

From my understanding , if we get rid of hierarchy then we are getting rid of fear , what’s left is happiness . Anarchism isn't about getting rid of RULES , just the rulers . Making the world a better place. Living in Love and Freedom . Where no one can be your superior . NO ONE !

Improvements to EVERY aspect of humanity. COULD YOU IMAGION ALL THE POSSIBILITIES ? This also includes but not limited to : no more FBI / DCMA suing you for money you don’t have just because your a fan of your favorite most enjoyable entertainment and art and you just want to share it to other like minded people and perhaps people who didn’t know it existed and became overnight obsessed fans who needed to see MORE.

 People could easily make friends and more time to hang out if they’d like . Spending more time with your loved ones , spending more time doing the things you love to do , because working for survival would be a thing of the past.

BECAUSE ALL NEEDS WOULD BE MEET ! And when people’s needs are meet , people would just do what they LOVE ! 

A NEW WORLD CAN BE POSSIBLE ! It’s TIME FOR A SOCIAL / SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION , Time to build the new world in the shell of the old.

_ Erica

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