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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Is Today's Comedy Sensor Perceiver Humor ?

Is Today's Comedy ESP Humor ?
Erica Crooks ( INFP )

The more I study MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Type Typology Science ,
the more and more I’m aware that YES ANYTHING CAN BE TYPED .
In fact back in 2007 , I started typing fictional Hollywood crushes I had as well as screwball cartoon characters back when I was a senior in High School.

Now , I think I’ve mentioned this in my blog posts as well as my videos talking about MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Types and sense of humor.
And of course there’s tons of wonderful articles on the internet about MBTI already.
But what I find interesting is the relation between the capitalist hierarchical industries such as the Entertainment industry and if they use the MBTI for their demographic target audience and market research.

It’s almost deliberate if you think about it.
Perhaps stereotypes not right off the bat or they market towards stereotypes.

I’m going to start this blog post by saying that my personality type is INFP and in no means is this an intuitives are smarter than sensors intuitive bias sort of thing. However I do believe that to be true in the sense of our different way of thinking while sensors are more better at focusing on the here and now details and sort of thing which can come in handy.
I for one don’t put sensors down , but if you want my honest opinion , SFPs are THE ONLY sensors I can really get along with most. 
SFJ is my Mother and ST / STJ is my ex-father and let’s just say I had bad experiences with and I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway , a sense of humor can relate usually by personality types that can relate to it.
Perhaps I should go into detail and analysis on how there’s certain types of humor relating to cognitive functions which certain intuitive and sensors share.

As I mentioned in several blog videos on
I would relate most to Ne humor and perhaps some Ni humor as well.
If you need an example of what I find funny , just check out my videos but perhaps you might agree to what I just said.
I have a friend who I strongly think is ISFP . I’m 80% sure of that. I’m constantly studying him in my mind for my own skill in personality type typing. Perhaps it's better than annoying the hell out of him to get him to take a 16 personality type test. But as I mentioned in other blog posts previously , there’s people who answer the question wrong and perhaps an ESTP can result to an INFP or something like that. I even make a comic about that. lol
Anyway my ISFP friend and I love watching slapstick cartoons.
But the reason that I think he’s an ISFP sensor is because he knows it’s just entertainment and a fun activity while me being an INFP intuitive , I want to learn about the artists and I want to go out and make my own. Then again my friend is similar to that when it comes to certain bands and knowing the detail but not so serious about being a musician. So I don’t know. 
The point I want to make is say he sees something that’s ESFP or ESTP humor , most likely than not he’s going to be totally open and rant about how much that freakin’ SUCKED !
Again I might be wrong about him being an ISFP , but I’m just gong to say he’s ISFP for now.
But what I find interesting is , is there a separation between introverted humor and extroverted humor ?

So why do I think mainstream modern current Comedy Entertainment is ESFP and ESTP targeted ?
Here’s my opinions for now.

( 1. Extrovert and Se : Observational Humor .
It can be an observation of an action after they realize they did it.
I can say the difference of say an Extroverted Ne humor would be that dialog of being aware of the observation would be creative and imaginative while Extroverted / Se would be more grounded to Earth.

( 2. Feeling vs Thinking
ESFP I think is the lead of most family cgi cartoon movies and perhaps Ellen Degenerious .
It’s friendly , it’s observational , and with the perceiving aspect of say an ESFP / ISFP personality type , very laid back and doesn’t mind the structurelessness of their life. 
And as a Feeler Perceiver myself , again I can totally be friendly with that kind of personality type.

ESTP humor I personally don’t find funny.
What I would consider to be ESTP is probably on the lines of say
“ The Happytime Murders “ / Family Guy / Most Late Night Comedy and Current Rated R Comedy movies now a days ? 
Shock Value , anti-politically correct , yet grounded to earth.
Now ENTP humor as I mentioned I strongly feel due to the iNtuition to be more “ Imaginative “ and “ Creative “. Yet very satirical. British Comedy like Hale and Pace , Monty Python’s Flying Circus and The Young Ones
I would say are related to not only ENTP but iNtuitives.
My ISFP friend can like the comedy sketches with structure such as The Dead Parrot Pet Shop Sketch or perhaps The Cheese Shop sketch. And perhaps the slapstick of the Terry Gillian cut out animations ( which influenced Trey Parker and Matt Stone to go out and create South Park ) . However my friend might find the other stuff weird and not that funny perhaps like the Flying Sheep sketches or how Pigs got randomly killed in one of the earlier episodes.
But then again , I don’t know if he’s an ISFP or what.

So that's kind of my analysis on that.
Sensors are the majority so it kind of makes sense because
hierarchy capitalist mainstream entertainment says it's all things for everyone however ,
if they are aiming towards the majority ,
who’s to say they aren’t aiming at SP types while 
The government is ran by thinking judgers .
Ok Trump is an ESTP right ?

One other thing , I consider STJ humor to be like “ Hee Haw “
while Cute cat videos , Impractical Jokesters and perhaps burp pranks in public to be maybe ESFJ humor ( that’s my observation of my mother ). 

Anyway , my typing could be off , I don’t know.
But that’s just my observation for now.

_ Erica

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