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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Political Satire Puppetry with Puppeteer Erica Crooks

Satirical Puppetry , Political Satire Puppetry wtih Political Satire Puppet Show demonstration with Puppeteer Erica Crooks ( The Erica Crooks Show / and ) 
In this video Erica Crooks talks about how she goes about puppeteering which is a form of acting and performance art theater / acting , caricature of all levels , satirical comedy writing in a similar style to Spitting Image / Les Guignols De L'info / Mad Magazine / South Park , etc , and performs some characters and political satire caricature puppets from The Erica Crooks Show ( President Donald J Trump , Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro , stupid republican and liberal voter stereotypes , Con ( Con & Spy Rotten aka Yeah Yeah Exactly Man ) , Religious right stereotype , etc ) .
The caricatures of course are a work of satirical fiction and satire is a literary art form traditionally of leftist political ideology . In no means is this video or the satirical entertainment work of Erica Crooks is meant to libel or slander by any means. Satire is freedom of speech and opinion and has been around just about as long as the art form of puppetry arts and puppet theater and political caricature editorial cartoons have been.

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