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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Spiritual Anarchists are Anarchists TOO !

Anarchist Atheists vs Spiritual Anarchists

“ Spiritual Anarchists are Anarchists TOO ! “

I would like to take some time to reach out to the Anarchist community , especially those who are libertarian socialist anarchist / Anarcho-Communist like myself.

Most Anarchists are atheists , I get that.
But what’s sad to me is if spirit guides are trying to reach you especially trying to heal you at a vulnerable state , it’s debunked.

in5D I strongly feel talks about what I would consider to be Spiritual Anarchism.

I have said this many times before that it’s all connected , people are basically saying the same thing. A 5D Earth could possibly happen within an Anarchist Society.

All I want to say to fellow Anarcho-Communists / Libertarian Socialists is please
Stop debunking spirituality !

It’s not a hierarchy , it’s nothing that needs to be knocked down.

If your serious about revolution which of course you are , then why are you wasting your time debunking spirituality ?

There’s religious anarchism , there’s spiritual anarchism.

In an Anarchist Society , if you want to think Law of Attraction is BS then ok that’s your choice.
But don’t go around telling people that this is a religion.

It’s like if you were to say that my Twin Flame stories is just me being in denial then your wrong , and besides that , what kind of an Anarchist are you anyway.

To me logic and realism is the last hierarchy on this planet.
Low energies is the last hierarchy on this planet.
So if you debunk spirituality, to me you are even less than an anarchist because Anarchists are against hierarchy.

Yes Anarchists want truth , they want to get rid of hierarchy especially unjustified ones.
But again spirituality is not hierarchical.

Perhaps you all need to check out more

Anarchists and Spiritual Anarchists and Anti-Government / Anti-Capitalist New Agers have a lot in common.

So come on , start being Anarchists about this.

That’s like if a bunch of Anarchists destroyed all history including pop culture …
You got to start thinking twice and carefully before you say something is hierarchical.

We shouldn’t be fighting like this. 

An Anarchist society welcomes all people and all ideas.

Now I am not blaming anyone , especially those who I mentioned who I have nothing but nice things to say and find their OTHER work to be very inspirational.

It’s just this pattern I keep seeing and I strongly feel that I need to say something.

Thank You.

_ Erica

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