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Monday, February 25, 2019

Right Wing is not spiritual they are liars

New Thought / New Age Spirituality and any spiritual empaths and believers who study The New World Order Conspiracy Theories , Allow me to send out this warning.

I’ve posted some recent youtube videos on

As well as some blog articles as well as on my blogs

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Which I expressed by belief that The New World Order is either an invention of the Right Wing or it’s the Right Wing exposing their evil ideas and blaming minorities and leftists as an escapegoat.

Within my articles and videos , I explained that Republican and Democrat is centrist and pretty much a human puppet show rain by the state. The real battle of love vs fear is going on with the left vs right.

In my opinion

Love ( left ) vs Fear ( right )

Soul ( left ) vs Ego ( right )

Good ( left ) vs Bad ( right )

I consider myself to be a Spiritual Anarchist.

I’m an INFP lightworker of all sorts including Heyoka , and politically I’m a libertarian socialist anarchist / anarchy-communist .

In terms of revolution , I go by what Noam Chomsky says which is “ We either do it personally or we can just kiss each other goodbye . )

According to my analysis of Right Wing , it’s split into two. Those who are brainwashed and those who want to exercise power over others ( aka Hierarchy ) .

For more information I’d like to recommend The Anarchist FAQ

_ Erica


Good vs Evil ( The Video )



Homophobia and Transphobia in New World Order Conspiracy Theories

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