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Friday, January 11, 2019

Fellow INFPs , thank you for watching my INFP videos

Fellow INFPs , I just wanted to thank you for watching my INFP videos on
Like this one :
Out of all my videos , INFPs , MBTI Personality Type related videos and my Transgender experience videos tends to be my most watched videos. Unfortunately so are my old personality type videos when I thought I was an ENFP and just didn't take time to come to the realization that I'm really an introvert. Some people do think I'm an ENFP , perhaps when I speak at my upmost happiest , I tend to seem very ENFP like ! That's pretty much me at my best , but socially , I'm not that confident. ;) Anyway with the views that I have got from my INFP videos , it really does show that perhaps INFPs can relate to the NEW AGE lightworker and lightworker mission. I know I do. ;)
For those INFPs who haven't seen my INFP videos ,
Check them out right here.
as well as some of my INFP related blog posts
Anyway , I know how rare it is being an INFP . And the internet has helped me a great deal in my spiritual and personal growth.
So perhaps what I do is sort of doing my share for my like minded people. :)
_ Erica
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