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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Happytime Murders is BORING

The Happytime Murders ( FINAL CONCLUSION ) 
Erica Crooks

OK , I finally seen the movie and what’s interesting is the actual movie is FREAKIN’ BORING !
Allow me to recommend “ Meet The Feebles “ and “ Puppets Who Kill “ for those who are looking for some good Dark Comedy satirical Puppetry .

THERE IS ONE SCENE I DID LAUGH AT THAT WAS NOT IN THE TRAILER ! When Edwards shoots Phil in the arm and he makes a comedic “ screams like a girl gag ( for example a similar gag used on Johnny Bravo ) “ type scream .  

So was Brain Henson right about what he said in the interview ? I think The Happytime Murders was a desperate sell out to bring Puppet Up ! / Stuffed and Unstrung to a more mainstream direction. The TNN series didn’t work out , neither did the other Henson Alternative stuff. And what makes Henson Alternative fail compared to the inspirations of the original Jim Henson Muppet team behind the camera in all it’s naughty goodness is like what I’ve said before in my previous blog post and blog videos , “ If it’s not creative and or satirical , it’s not funny. “ 

Now that scream thing I mentioned , that was just plain silly and random so therefore I consider it creative. And of course silliness is going back to Henson Puppet roots.

I think this movie would have worked as maybe a free online movie or direct to DVD / Download release . It wasn’t worth being promoted like crazy like it was.

I did like the digital exploding head logo in the beginning of the movie though . 

The trailers feature all the dirty stupidity and including stuff that got cut out. There is a deleted scene featuring a bartender puppet’s singing dick which will probably be included in it’s digital release on the 20th and the 3 combo release in December from what I’ve read.

If there’s anything to like about this movie , it would be .

_ The screaming gag that’s at the end of the movie
_ HORAY Kevin Clash is BACK !
_ Brain Henson didn’t direct a Muppet movie since the 1996 Muppet Treasure Island ( which I did go to the movie theaters to see )
_ Cool looking puppets
_ Lots of well known puppeteer bigwigs performed in the background
_ CGI puppet effects


It’s like a Troma movie. ( Does that mean Lloyd Kaufman is going to take down my banner next to Cinemassacre ( AVGN / Angry Video Game Nerd ) on ? lol 
Long story short , I had “ When Aliens Get Bored” shown at TromaDance 2016 and I tried to contact them from 2016 - 2017 about a possible movie deal since they were looking for films and they ALMOST went for the Dr LeBrick specials . And let’s just say that I almost went into desperation to getting the deal , I kind of felt like Jim Henson when he was selling his company to Disney before he died. But Troma said no , they weren’t interested and I became an anarchist so I guess everything worked out for the better. No hard feelings. However I thought the guy I was talking to at the end was a jerk. Bunch of young guys work for Lloyd , plus I dined the wrong number and by coincidence talking to someone who used to work at Troma for a short time. Again , no hard feelings.

Anyway , back to The Happytime Murders . The big shock was not only coming from people of the mainstream but even a bigger shock from the Jim Henson / Muppet fandom communities ( me included ) . But I wasn’t shocked to see puppets do naughty things , I’ve done naughty things in my work , most puppeteers do just like cartoonists and anyone with a since of humor , we all do once in awhile. 

Here’s my reactions

Before seeing The Happytime Murders : This is Dumb ! Is Brain Henson aware of the Jim Henson / Muppet fandom ?

Now seeing it : BORING , DUMB , The Jim Henson Company had a good run 10 years after Jim Henson’s passing but afterwords that’s when it became just a struggling business with barely any creative art , just enough sell out projects to get by .

I’ve already said enough about this stuff in my blog posts and videos regarding my thoughts on The Happytime Murders.

And there’s really nothing else to say except it just makes me want to shamelessly promote my puppet work hoping that it didn’t turn everyone off to the idea that adult puppetry can be just as entertaining as adult animation.

Enough Said ,

_ Erica

P.S. Yes , I did do a satirical puppet parody on The Happytime Murders .
Check it out . lol

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