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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Erica Crooks Show Halloween 2018 ( a 1 Minute Halloween Satire / Parody Comedy Halloween Special Show Thing )

The Erica Crooks Show Halloween 2018 ( a 1 Minute Halloween Satire / Parody Comedy Halloween Special Show Thing )

" For those who remember , I've done two Halloween Shows in 2006 and 2007. I'm a fan of The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror specials so that probably inspired me to do a similar tradition. Special episodes like that tend to be very tough for me , same with plot shows which is probably why I either abandon such projects or I start one and have a hard time finishing it for whatever reason and just shorten it.

There was this short under 10 minute Halloween cartoon around 2010 / 2011 that was never seen except a few friends privately at a home halloween party ( if I want to call it that lol ) ,  I did but it got trapped in a dead hard drive which I don't know if I still have or I deleted it by mistake thinking it was just a draft.

I did have plans for a Halloween Special in 2015 which ended up being sort of a disaster because I was filming the making of the special at the same time and trying to beat the clock last minute a month or two ahead of time , just me doing it as usual. And footage was filmed and a sound track was recorded but I just ran out of time. lol The footage unfortunately got on the same files and stuff with the making footage and the audio I found recently so maybe eventually I do something with that on a later date . All I ended up editing I uploaded awhile back and they weren't even Halloween themed sketches. It was a Newscaster cold opening , a Westboro Baptist Church satire and Con & Spy Rotten going to the Time Out Room.

This time was similar to the 2015 show where I was trying to push myself to do a full legnth thing but ended up running out of time. A longer soundtrack was recorded which I'll probably do something with at later times. And I just didn't have time to compose music or sound effects . Plus I've been having some major technical difficulties with my computer so perhaps it's time to save for a new one. lol

So I decided to just take the remaining footage and turn it into this one minute thing , which is mixed with Halloween themed stuff / parodies / satires / pop culture topical gags / Which is clearly inspired by the tombstone gags from the early Classic Simpsons Treehouse of Horror specials. lol But my own spin on it I suppose.

It is what it is so ether way , Happy Happy Halloween ! :) _ Erica

( Mature Audiences Only ! )

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