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Monday, September 17, 2018

How I Build My Puppets - Easy , Fast and Cheap Puppet Building Tips used...

How I Build My Puppets - Easy , Fast and Cheap Puppet Building Tips used by Erica Crooks A Behind the Scenes look at The Erica Crooks puppet workshop ( The Erica Crooks Show )

as Erica Crooks reveals East , Fast and Cheap Puppet making secrets .

The 2 most important elements of puppet building is

( 1. A Puppet that looks good on camera

( 2. A puppet that works good on camera Better built puppets have a better budget , use better materials and take more time to do.In this video , it’s about how to apply professional technics to cheaper materials , and how to build a sort of decent looking puppet “ Fast and Easy “ .Fast and Easy is the highlight of this video. Sometimes people need to build a HUGE puppet cast but can’t afford television and film quality budgets.

Or need to build a couple of good looking puppets within 24/7 within tight budgets.

This is such a Fast , Easy , Cheap but good looking puppet tutorial . Secrets coming from the satirical comedy cult following Adult puppet show “ The Erica Crooks Show “ !20 years of experienceYou also might be interested in the video

“ How I Make My Puppet Videos “ more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults

( and other cool stuff )
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