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Thursday, August 9, 2018

INFP sense of humor ( plus Numerology 5 and Heyoka Empath )

One of my top videos currently is about the personality types ENFP and ENTP sense of humor , today I will be talking about another personality type which so happens to be my own “ INFP “ and INFP sense of humor which I feel is basically and strongly related due to the Ne cognitive function. Also as an INFP numerology 5 for the most part , it’s pretty strong Ne sense of humor actually. lol As well as a Heyoka empath …. WOW ! lol :P
Though I feel sometimes the INFP humor can go from Ne to Fi Ne from time to time , but perhaps that’s just me as an example. 
For those who are interesting in my INFP sense of humor , perhaps you’d like to check out my animated and puppetry comedy and satire videos .
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