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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Erica Crooks Show 2018 Season 11 Episodes 1 , 2 and 3

Guess What's BACK ?  Bah Buh Bum !

The Erica Crooks Show 2018 - TRIPLE FEATURE : Season 11 episode 1 : " Trump , internet garbage , pigs , Trump and more internet garbage and Trump " and Season 11 episode 2 : Right is Wrong ( political satire ) and Season 11 episode 3 :  Let's shove Trump and untalented idiots going viral on the internet down the toilet

The Erica Crooks Show returns with a statement that’s probably on many people’s minds already. “You mean to tell me Trump didn’t get impeached yet ? “ #impeachtrump

A new year , same old crap. Untalented Idiots trying to go viral in the internet , destructive police , and hasn’t Trump already had enough attention ?

That clown has already got 4 puppet satire short films already ! Probably trying to compete with Boris Johnson no doubt.

The latest being the puppet political satire short

Trump’s Will

#puppetsatire #puppetparody

#funnypuppets #puppetcomedy

as well as

Rich And Greedy Politician

Two Dumb Presidents

and Send me to Jail .

#antitrump #impeachtrump #puppetry #parody #satire #funny

Plus also the return of Arnold The Jock and Dr LeBrick in their crazy antics. And don’t worry , your not alone. The Happy Time Murders trailer shocked us too !

#EricaCrooksShow #puppet #puppetry #comedy #humor #lol #funny #funnyvideos #Satire

And for more funny hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and stupid videos�visit The Official Erica Crooks Website :� today !

#ericacrooks #officialericcrooks

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