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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How Isabel Briggs Myers Carl Jung 16 Personality Type Science , Libertar...

Erica Crooks Video Blog ( )

( For my notes on this check it out on my Facebook Video page )

Here are some notes I written for my blog video regarding my theory on how perhaps Personality Type Science , Anarchism and New Thought / New Age Spirituality could help the world into a 5D Earth / Anarchist Society / Heaven on Earth.

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Heaven on Earth and how to fix What’s wrong with the world 

I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m an INFP but eventually when we grow up , we start to see more and more
what kids don’t know about the world around us.
For me adulthood felt trashed.
“Who is responsible for this mess , why does it even exist, and how come no one is bothering to clean it all up ?”

Life to me was just to meet like minded people and enjoy how the arts expressed life and characters as well as personality sciences , spirituality , and philosophy which I can relate to since I knew that I was different from most people. And that was before I came out as a trans lesbian woman.

When I started The Erica Crooks Show which at the time was called The Eric Crooks Show , like most of my art , I wanted to join into the pop culture entertainment I loved but have my own spin on it. A little over 10 years ago I got into satire.

Satire to me was like a commentary from like minded people regarding the world around me.
Personality Science 16 personalities aka Myers Briggs - helped me learn more about myself and the people around me
New Thought / New Age Spirituality and The Law of Attraction : Helped me out of depression proving that I can create my life through my thoughts and feelings and beliefs. As well as the proof of existence that My Twin Flame exists which I meet her in person after 9 years in telepathy and still in telepathy working towards Union.
And in 2017 - Libertarian Socialist Anarchism : Which has taught me that a Heaven on Earth is possible. And it’s the answer to the commentary of satirists .
5D Earth : Living in unconditional love ties in with most people knowing about New Thought / New Age Spirituality Law of Attraction.

That I strongly believe will be the solution to The World’s Problems. If it sounds vague , do your research.

Fortunately _ All the answers to life is already out there. We can even call on our spirit guides to help guide us and trust when we call on their assistance.

Unfortunately due to centuries of hierarchical power which anarchists are against : It’s hard for some and seemly impossible for others to believe that anything I said would work.

Anarchism does seem like something as well as everything that I have mentioned “RELATING TO INTUITIVES” in some forum or another.
And even within the areas I just mentioned there seems to be a clash , but I feel if ALL of them worked together , PEACE AND HEAVEN ON EARTH CAN BE POSSIBLE in theory.

Hardships can include the following.

(1. Personality Clashes : I believe there’s a scale from personality types who’s most open minded to spirituality , philosophy , personal growth , etc which would be intuitives . Perhaps NF / NP types the most / And on the bottom are personality types that rely on their five senses over their mind “Sensors”.  Could personality clashes happen due to hierarchy ? Possibly. Because in an anarchist society
There wouldn’t be political argument of the leftists vs the alt-right. What are my thoughts on intuitive bias. I don’t even like that coin of phrase actually.
Are intuitives more into mind stuff than sensors ? Yes , that is fact. But when intuitives say they are smarter than sensors , they HATE THAT !
They go on the Myers Briggs forums and some pretend to be intuitives , and even troll them. Likewise the right wing are so angry at leftists , anarchists and anti-fa. But what I observe and feel is there are types that will struggle in the game of life due to their closed mindedness. Personally I get along with SFP personality types best. 
If we lived in an anarchist society. Intuitives wouldn’t feel oppressed as the minority personality type and sensors wouldn’t feel insulted and treated inferior and blamed for the hierarchical system we live in today just because they are the majority and intuitives are the minority.

Same goes with LGBTQ+ people. Right wing thinks if they are a minority then they are mentally ill. Leftists know THE TRUTH that they are born this way.
Politically is it the right wing people’s fault. I think so because such relating personality types which I believe to be ST / TJ types for the most part would be the most closed minded , fact driving , here and now focused , logic thinking , types which open minded about life would be their biggest challenge as well as equality and such.

Why right wing people feel that they are having politics shoved down their thought is like the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”
Once they learn something growing up , they don’t want to change. THEY WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE !

( 2. Anarchist differences : This is the very reason why there’s right wing , post-left , anarcho-capitalists and egoists and illegaalists. 
LOVE , equality , open minded to the abstract , etc NF / NP types I think are the most open to them.
ST / NT - struggle.
But I don’t think it’s impossible. Like such books like The art of Speed Reading people and learning about the cognitive functions ,
( They don’t want feelings , morals and values. They want logic ! They don’t want unproved ideas , they want FACTS and examples of existence. )
_ The Anarchist FAQ I find to be a great resource but still there’s ANTI-LEFT anarchism and anarchists that don’t believe in revolution or even the removal of capitalism.
There here and now real world they focus on. Because open minded change is scary. If they died and discovered and afterlife , would they be screaming and panicking because it’s NOT REAL WORLD ? Intuitive Bias right ?

The thing about anarchism and it seems to me the only way a revolution could work 
Is like NF / NP vs ST / TJ types itself.
Those that clash , want space from each other. THAT’S IT !

Those that clash , want space from each other. THAT’S IT !

Those that clash , want space from each other. THAT’S IT !

So  I feel if Types who like Anarchs-Capitalism want a land to call their own and would rather work and pay for their freedoms , that’s their thing.
However I don’t feel that it should be global.

If the right wing hate the left wing , if the sensors hate the intuitives , if the thinkers hate the feelers and if the judgers hate the perceivers.
You lot live here , you lot live here, and those who don’t care about separation go here.


If we can talk to ST / TJ on THEIR LEVEL , PUTTING OURSELVES IN THEIR SHOES sort of speak. 
MAYBE Libertarian Socialism Anarchism GLOBALLY !


Especially if you can get SJs to agree.

( 3. New Age / New Thought Spirituality
The Secret is a great introduction
But theist way to learn about Law of Attraction is to do research on everything BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY “Your spirit guides”
Listening to your heart and intuition.

Sadly MOST NEW AGE people on the internet are capitalists. And this types in with personality types.
There’s RIGHT WING NEW AGE as it says on wikipedia.
David Icke for one may have knowledge about The New World Order but I don’t appreciate his transphobia one bit.
Some say he’s an INFP which I find odd because I’m INFP too.
This guy thinks I’m an even reptile. That’s just sad.

IF WE LEARN to control our own happiness because even if we live in a hierarchy society which we do.
We might as well be happy for now and love for the sake of it.
That is what will move light workers , empath , heyoka , old soul , indigo , starseed and crystals forward.

Finally , if all the information is out there , why don’t people use it ?

Hierarchical society.
Are sensors to blame ?
New World Order ? 
I don’t know.
How about NTJ types controlling the illuminati ?
I don’t know.

Will any of this work at all ?

I don’t know for fact.

But it does sound really sweet and it beats depression.

But maybe this is just INFP lightworker talk. Like anyone new age or not , all we can do is grow ourselves and influence others and ourselves with the power of good.

But then again maybe spiritually we are all a spiritual collective that needs to get to 5D Earth ?

And with all the differences of the 16 personality types. There’s the cognitive functions and reverse shadow aspects.
Numerology, zodiac , enneagram, etc.

But if we study , put it into practice ( peacefully if possible ), MAYBE. Anything is possible.

Check out the Anarchist FAQ , it's an interesting read.

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