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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bad and Greedy Politican

Bad and Greedy Politician ( The Erica Crooks Political Satire puppet short film that predicted the Presidency of Donald J Trump )

A rich and wealthy self centered sociopath struggles to understand why people would rather laugh at his ignorance instead of fearing it. So he runs for president so people will finally take him seriously and fear him instead of love. Also his ideologies for normal cisgender heterosexual macho alpha men stereotypes , himself getting away with whatever he wants and that’s basically it for his political policies. However will his adviser reason with him or will he quit his job ? And if he wins , will you move out of this country ? Maybe if we all had his money.

The Erica Crooks political satire puppet film that unintentionally predicted Donald J Trump’s Presidency. The film was completed September 20th 2016.

[ warning the film features satire on Donald J Trump’s racism and bigotry. ]

For more of Erica Crooks hilarious rude adult puppetry and animation


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