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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Eric Crooks Show 2006 Early Years - Serious People ( Attack of The S...

Better act normal and conform to boring society or The Serious People will come after you.

How Society Corp Government and Mr. Williams ' Serious People started society conformity. In fact it was a basement science experiment inspired by " Frankenstein " gone wrong.


If you think The Erica Crooks Show puppets look primitive , just take a look 10 years ago.

The very first film year of The Eric Crooks Show ( The Erica Crooks Show as of 2016 )

Celebrating 10 Years of Erica Crooks comedy filmmaking and puppet / cartoon satire.

For more information on the comedy puppet and cartoon / animation  work of Erica Crooks , visit The Official Erica Crooks website on today

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