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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Steve Whitmire part 2 - A Troll refusing to " Cave In " ?

Steve Whitmire part 2 - A Troll refusing to " Cave In " ?

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

( The following blog article is LEGAL due to news-reporting / social commentary purposes . In no means this is meant to libel , slander , or lie about anyone. )

( The following is just fandom expression , opinion and observation and is freedom of speech and expression and not to in anyway libel or stander Mr. Steve Whitmire or his business blah blah blah Walden is his lawyer or perhaps IS ALTER EGO ! )

Today at the time I’m writing this blog article , it’s September 24th which is not only the 83rd Birthday of Jim Henson but sharing the same exact birthday is “ Steve Whitmire “ .

Since my previous blog post of me expressing my brutally honest opinions of one of my favorite puppeteers and voice artists of all time breaking ( me ) this 1990s childhood generation Muppet fan’s heart


Perhaps a red flag of truth ?

Steve Whitmire is currently making a living through Comic Con ( unless he has another job ) and trying to make his “ LOVABLE “ Internet Troll puppet “ Weldon the I.T. ( Internet Troll ) Guy “ . Wait a second …. GUY ? But isn’t Weldon NON-BINARY / GENDERQUEER ? 

Yep Steve Whitmire and his unfunny Transphobic jokes just like this “ “ “ He’s not the Transgender Kermit or anything “ .

Har Har Har Transgender is an SJW Trend isn’t it…..Of course I’m being sarcastic because I happen to be a Transgender Woman who’s also non-binary and who is also a life long Muppet fan who is also a PUPPETEER !

Joe Murray of Rocko’s Modern Life had the new Rocko’s Modern Life special on Netflix have a great deal of the special to be a positive message for “ Transgender Equality “ ( Static Cling ) .

That’s something Steve Whitmire failed to do and because there are more and more Transgender people coming out , Steve Whitmire WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR HIS KARMA !

ContraPoints isn’t the only Transgender Woman on the internet , I spoke out against Steve Whitmire .

And what’s very stupid is that Steve Whitmire had the best job in the world , the best boss in the world , the best friends in the world ( working for Jim Henson ) . And he screwed it all up , he was warned as far back as the 1990s to knock off the narcissism.

Here’s proof of The Hensons speaking out against Steve Whitmire !

Brain Henson ( mentions Steve Whitmire using “ I am Now Kermit and The Muppets are Kermit so you better make me happy because The Muppets are Kermit ! “ :

Cheryl Henson ( Steve is very difficult to work with ) :

Bill Barretta ( joking about having the rib bone of a roast eaten by Hulk Hogan from the set of Muppets From Space ) : It’s not true , none of it is true. Dave Golez ( Just like Stevie’s Forum ! ) 
( From one of the Q&A videos for those who bought the Muppet Guys Talking VIP package. Unfortunately because Frank Oz sold it , it hasn’t been uploaded to the internet for obvious reasons. )

And of course “ FRANK OZ “
“ I'm just very sad about what happened with Steve. I'm not privy to the reasons. I'm not part of Disney. As I understand it, the reasons had nothing to do with performing. When Steve was on the set he was always a joy to work with. So it saddens me that something outside of performing caused this to happen. It just saddens me, that's all. “

Also it’s interesting to see how Brian Henson and Dave Golez are able to enjoy talking about The Muppet Christmas Carol without mentioning Steve Whitmire. 

Since my first blog post talking about Steve Whitmire , Steve Whitmire launched a new website , an Instagram Account ( which I am blocked from seeing through the officialericcrooks account just like Twin Flames 11:11 and my Twin Flame which of course are totally different stories lol . ) , and a brand new web puppet show called “ Cave-In “ .

As I mentioned last year regarding “ The Happytime Murders “ I’m a huge fan of adult puppetry and I have my own adult puppet show myself.
My criticisms of The Happytime Murders was that it lacked creativity and satire which I feel are key elements to my sense of humor for the most part. Creative and or Satirical .

So what about Cave-In and Weldon , the I.T. Guy “ Wait ..hold on..…. GUY ? But isn’t Weldon NON-BINARY / GENDERQUEER ? 

Ok , I made my point already that the transgender jokes aren’t funny or even supporting Transgender Equality IF that’s Steve Whitmire’s attempt which I already addressed that Joe Murray did a better job at , or if he’s reaching out to that “ MAN “ audience with the bad blood spirit of “ Those crazy Social Justice Warriors , AM I RIGHT Huh Huh Huh ! Political Correctness oh brother ! “

I already said that Political Correctness doesn’t ruin comedy ( sorry Mel Brooks , David Zucker , Trey Parker , Matt Stone , you guys used to be cool but just like Steve Whitmire your kind of turned into has-beens now too . )
And when a cisgender white heterosexual man has done comedy all their life and they are getting OLD enough to be grandparents , might as well put life into prospective and make peace out of it all while you can in my opinion. )

But going back to The Happytime Murders , Cave-In has just came out so I don’t know if it’ll result to that level but perhaps in many ways it’s sort of hitting on a low budget sort of thing worthy of the crappy Henson Alternative devision ran by Brain Henson who also directed The Happytime Murders ( separate from the Brian Henson / Steve Whitmire situation ) . 

So basically Cave-In looks like a call in puppet show with this Troll who looks like a desperate attempt to make aa character viral on the internet and sell T-shirts , dolls , and Steve Whitmire getting some decent income and FAME FAME FAME … Who needs Kermit now… 
Anyway this “ Weldon the I.T. ( Internet Troll ) ” is suppose to be an evil character right ? Like a Psychopath ?

Wait a second , haven’t we already seen satirical puppet shows on Cyberbullies before ? YES ! ME !

So I did it before Steve Whitmire right here :

So anyway  , Weldon doesn’t really come off as a psychopath / sociopath but just as much of a lovable anti-social sociopath as The Joker from Batman the Animated Series does. Perhaps that’s Steve Whitmire’s version of creating Punk Puppetry. Which he does on “ Discord.

So is it a call in show or is it him trolling people ?

The first episode features him parodying “ The Dark Crystal “ which of course he worked on personally.

And there are several anti-Disney references through out such as him eating a mouse named Mickey “ Why ? Because I love them. “ then touching himself down below or symbolically jerking off with squeaky noises.

Yes Yes , that creep who’s on the internet who lives with their mother and needs to get fresh air. That stereotype is just as outdated as that ugly nerd with the acne and thick glasses who reads books is boring and smells and no fun to be around. Seriously outdated !

Rik Mayall asked the question “ Where’s the middle aged hero “ and when it comes to old people who are heroes , he was one of them , Lloyd Kaufman , and well the surviving Muppet crew , and anyone who really made a difference in this world . :)

The problem with Steve Whitmire is perhaps he refuses to answer the concerns of fans. If he was truly trying to fight for the purity of The Muppets at Disney then why don’t I like Disney’s Muppets and prefer Jim Henson’s Muppets INSTEAD ? So from the eyes of this fan is that just like John Kricfalusi , George Lucas , and Matt Groening .
Fans know something is off about the guys behind their favorites. They changed things and upset many fans. I don’t know if people feel the same way about South Park but Trey Parker admitted awhile back “ We used to be punk and cool but now we are just a bunch of Hollywood douchebags. “
I think it was from a 10 year old Boing Boing interview relating to their controversial 200th episode which Viacom BLOCKED the interview out of Copyright unfortunately .
Well just be grateful if you see the UNCENSORED
Kyle speech which I heard the rumor that someone hacked into Viacom computers to get the footage to upload to the internet :) If it wasn’t for them , we would never see it. :) .

John Kricfalusi made the headlines and he was let go which now he’s just trying to earn money through instagram and social media with his scribbles . Steve Whitmire however is on the Comic Con gig , instagram and his new web show.

And just like psychopaths in general , they get away with it. Try to complain about a cyberbully on YouTube and YouTube will threaten to terminate your account accusing you as a fraud with no evidence.

I’m an Anarchist , I believe another world is possible.

But whatever Steve Whitmire says and does , would Jim Henson approve his behavior ?

Sure there’s a bunch of fans who would rather have a “ Live and let Live “ attitude , perhaps an apolitical one. As I stated before about certain New Age teachers , such a block on someone’s intuition is very dangerous and is just a friendly invite for psychopaths to take advantage of empaths.

The thing about Steve Whitmire that I’m concern about is

( 1. His transphobic jokes NEED TO STOP ! If he keeps it up , transgender activists will and if not SHOULD speak out against that ! Sure perhaps like the Pachalafaka sketch , Gonzo’s rant about “ OF COURSE HIS DANCING CHEESE IS A FEMALE ! “ , certain jokes in the PuppetMan pilot , A Three Headed Monster being non-binary ? ( Vincent Price episode ) , A Transwoman singer in one of the cold openings of the first episode of MuppetTelevision “ The Jim Henson Hour “ , etc …. And just about ANYONE in Comedy has made a bad Transgender joke. Including me back in 2008 which the next episode of my show revealed me slowly coming out of the closet symbolically . But the point I want to make is , GET ON WITH THE TIMES ! Joe Murray did it , and I think people should too. There are TRANSGENDER fans and artists out there who love your sense of humor and everything. Perhaps these people never heard of Erica Crooks ( me ) .

( 2. An open letter message to Steve Whitmire : “ Just admit what you did wrong , apologize , seek psychological help and pray for one last chance. “
Steve Whitmire had the opportunity to express what he needed to say on Muppet Pundit . And I have to admit , it was very exiting to hear someone speak out against Disney’s treatment of The Muppets. However is Steve Whitmire just copying things that haven’t been announced yet ? He donated money to the Atlanta Jim Henson exhibit while The Jim Henson Legacy and The Museum of The Moving Image had a Kickstarter for another Jim Henson exhibit ( I helped donate :) ) . Steve Whitmire was talking about how he felt Disney’s treatment of The Muppets wasn’t of Jim Henson’s best interests and wishes…. But didn’t Frank Oz already say that ?
Frank Oz now as a Twitter , he directed Muppet Guys Talking and his new website ( blog ) is COMING SOON !

( 3. One Last Thing
Pretending to be Trolled and taking advantage of your Fans IS NOT VERY FUNNY . Why , just to promote your attempt at going viral with your puppet ? Especially a video on Instagram where Steve Whitmire REALLY makes it look like he’s dealing with someone hacking his account .

Perhaps we are getting a sneak peak into THE REAL STEVE WHITMIRE !
The one that fans DO NOT KNOW ABOUT , THE DARK DRAMA ONE ! MONSTER FACES , YELLING AND ALL ! Ironically Kermit’s outbursts weren’t as good as Jim Henson’s Kermit’s Freakouts !

In conclusion , there was a big difference between me shaking Steve Whitmire’s sweaty hand at MuppetFest in December 2001 vs Steve Whitmire today. He will be appearing at my local comic con. 
My intuition is telling me something different about this guy behind his smile and kind persona when you meet him.

It kind of brings up some memories of how my father would go “ Hey how’s my buddy “ and buy me whatever I want and act like he’s my friend one moment and becoming a screaming verbally abusive monster the next. 
But since he’s a narcissist , it’s rude of me not to include the old man right ?
As well as other toxic masculine bullies

Sure there’s stories about Richard Hunt roughly ( or tough love ) reminding other puppeteers that you got to work from the bottom up until you receive a Muppet character of your own but perhaps that’s different from Steve Whitmire’s behavior . Because everyone got to know Richard Hunt and love this free spirit at the end. :)

I haven’t talked about the comparison of Kevin Clash in this article but the thing of it is , KEVIN CLASH IS BACK PERFORMING AT HENSON ! Just the stuff outside The Muppets and Sesame Street now a days.

So if I want to leave something off to anyone , just know that this Muppet fan’s heart is broken all thanks to Steve Whitmire screwing up his career and just pretending now a days to not care.

Finally one last note. What if Steve Whitmire didn’t do anything wrong ? Let’s face it , The Jim Henson Company changed dramatically since 2004 and of course The Happytime Murders was CRAP ! 
Brian Henson even admitted that the company has changed.

But here’s the two reasons why I don’t think Steve Whitmire did anything wrong.

( 1. The Jim Henson Company made the mistake to sell The Muppets to Disney . The company ALWAYS struggled even in Jim’s time. But Jim’s children are just as old and even older than Jim is and they have kids now so they need the money. Unfortunately the company isn't the arthouse it used to be. Perhaps they might as well sell everything to Disney.
Brian said the following in an interview …
“ the company itself, the very large majority of the work that we do is preschool television. Educational and non-educational, but children’s is our main business, specifically children’s entertainment. Me, personally, I’m sort of experimenting with pushing in different directions. Farscape was mine. I think it had always worked with my dad, that he did some things that were a little bit edgier. Things that I can do now that he really couldn’t do is like my “Puppet Up!” show, which is an R-rated live puppet theater show, is really wonderful. I’ve been enjoying doing that, mostly because I still love puppetry, and I want to keep doing puppets, but I also don’t want to in any way be competitive to the Muppets. I’ve been having a lot of fun with, basically, adult puppetry. The main project that I’m working on right now is an R-rated puppet and human comedy movie ( The Happytime Murders ) “ _ Brian Henson

( 2. Steve Whitmire would rather play the victim than mentioning any truths which he didn’t . In fact on his previous blog he barely talked about any sort of behind the scenes , just that he felt betrayed and he was a freelancer like the rest of them , he’s not rich , he has trouble paying off the house and had sewage problems.

( 3. I believe the trolls previously were people who worked for The Jim Henson Company as I previously mentioned right here.

It is what it is . Fans have the power . They can either keep reminding Steve Whitmire why is life SUCKS and how admitting what he did wrong , apologize and get psychological help could possibly help him in a possible attempt at one more change in getting his job back. Because from the way things look , he has NO IDENTITY outside his Muppet work.
Unless narcissism counts ?

Maybe Steve Whitmire is nice to the fans and especially the occasional Transgender fans at comic con , perhaps Cave-In will go viral , but all I’m saying is “ SWEEPING THINGS UNDER THE RUG DOES NOT MAKE PROBLEMS GO AWAY. ! “

Just like a comic con volunteer , they are just the police protecting the fans and truth seekers from ruining capitalism.

But that’s just my opinion perhaps .

_ Erica

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