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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Spiritual Anarchism ( Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality - WHY NOT BOTH ? )

Spiritual Anarchism ( Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality - WHY NOT BOTH ? )

Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality ( Why Not Both ) a Spiritual Anarchist Blog Article

Spiritual Anarchism ( Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality - WHY NOT BOTH ? )    Anarchism vs New Age Spirituality ( Why Not Both ) a Spiritual Anarchist Blog Article

If you’ve read my other blog articles as well as seen my blog videos , relating to Spiritual Anarchism … Perhaps at the time I write this , I am a minority ( well that isn’t the first time in my life ;) )

I have covered MANY subjects regarding the Anarchists vs New Age and New Age vs Anarchists and always try to bring about my Spiritual Anarchist perspective.

One against Spirituality Capitalism

Even a recent one called “ Alternative Anarchist “

And how about that time when I tried to talk to the cult followers of 5D Earth about Anarchism ( which is better than in5D’s Global Unity Project which the website leader will be an elder soul guru aka New Age Hierarchy Politics ? ) Only to get comments such as HOW DARE YOU BABY EATER !
I literally read the actual comments on this very video. It was intense !

Get your right wing out of my spirituality

And it’s aftermath

And I do have a YouTube playlist of my blog videos about Spiritual Anarchism

And even a label of all of my Spiritual Anarchist blog articles so far

Anyway there does seem to be a polarity , a devision , a VS between Anarchism and Spirituality.

New Agers ( again feel free to see the insults I got such as Baby Eater above ) think Anarchism is the same as all politics for the most part. It’s negative energy , opposition gets more opposition , It’s a lie from the illuminati , it’s the lefties that are negative and always picking on Trump ( record scratch ) yeah that’s what I was complaining about against in5D … again check out the links above.

That’s right , it’s Instant Karma …. Rich people can be good people or bad people.

Well guess what , there’s such a thing as New Age politics and people can be right wing or left wing.

Also this belief that Elder Souls are going to be the hierarchical power ( like I mentioned about in5D’s Global Unity Project ) , Um… I don’t dig that.

So from an Anarchist perspective , you get what I’m getting at. NO Hierarchy even if it is New Age , No New Age Politics NO ! And no capitalizing on spirituality… OK perhaps you can be a worker but still , people can do it themselves. But of course I’m always a sucker who’s gonna cough up some dough because me and my Twin Flame are working on our ascension onto Union.

OK … New Agers are kind of like liberal / centrists , Anarchy is too extreme and think happy thoughts instead.

Now let’s look at what Anarchists have to say. Now most Anarchists for the most part are atheists . There are religious anarchists , there are pacifist anarchists , why not spiritual anarchists ( who are also pacifist ) . Yes folks I am an Alternative Anarchist in that sense .

Now I have been chatting with a couple of Anarchists lately and I won’t mention any specific usernames . Some might be subscribers of mine which might unsubscribe from me regardless but… lol Anyway , I brought up the subject of Spiritual Anarchism , Law of Attraction , Twin Flames and this is what I got.

Let me just say with politicians running for president like Bernie Sanders ( who is popular among Anarchists and leftists ) , Marianne Williamson ( New Thought / New Age Spirituality ) and Pete Buttigieg ( LGBTQ + and Gay himself )  It just makes it even harder for me to be an Anarchist Satirist . I’m a Transgender Lesbian Woman and a Spiritual Anarchist who’s into New Thought / New Age Spirituality. If I wasn’t an Anarchist , I would probably vote. Marianne Williamson educating people about Law of Attraction to help out 5D Earth which Anarchism would be included ….. Tempting .

But anyway , most Anarchists think Law of Attraction / New Thought & New Age Spirituality and even Twin Flames is crap. ( If My Twin Flame is reading this , we need to get to Union so we can prove them wrong eh ? )

Again I don’t mean to humiliate certain Anarchists who I chatted with , it’s just for educational reasons no offense to anyone. Everyone has the right to their opinion.

OK , again most Anarchists don’t believe in spirituality so therefore…
Such cynical and skeptical notes include but not limited to….

_ Dark Psychic Magic , wrote bestseller new age book and has done nothing in politics. Was on Oprah a bunch of times.

_ Exposing psychic businesses and it seems that they take money and get it off the most vulnerable people . So I’m skeptical about extra sensory experiences and opening your third eye and stuff.
_ Exactly , they prey on people
_ It’s just like astrology or GOD
_ Where they make such general statements that you make apply to yourself
_ Spooks
_ It’s just another method of control
_ They tell things that are obvious

_ ( Like religion ) it’s scares people when they did something bad and makes them terrified that God is going to kill them. F**k , that’s terrifying to be policed in your own mind.

_ Oh God see totes a scam.

_ The New Testament is just a bad fan fiction of a fiction called the Old Testament

_ Law of Attraction by the name sounds like a weird spiritual appropriation of Newton’s Laws lol . F**K Laws !

_ I really don’t know about that S**t Erica . 

_ It sounds kind of fake in my opinion
_ Hard same

_ I feel like there’s a difference having like a feeling about someone or w.e. that coincidentally happens to be true maybe but like not straight up telepathy

_ I see s**t every single night and I’m still 100% sure there is no super natural 

_ I thought I seen stuff but I was having a psychotic episode

_ Oujia boards having f**king batteries

_ Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that rewrites pathways into the brain. Dulls critical thinking. 

_ Spiritual anything is someone trying to control you and take your power away from you. Telling you it’s elsewhere not your own !

_ I feel like it’s a great way to get people to be passive af . And that’s why so many religious people are just like it’s part of God’s Plan. So I won’t do that s**t .

_ Distracting / leading resources away from real s**t .

_ You didn’t you say the dude who said such things was a cult you had to buy into that is just how your brain works vs some kind of spiritual conspiracy

_ It’s called “ CONFIRMATION BIAS “ , it’s scientifically proven.

_ If it can’t be proven by science then it’s not proven.

_ That’s entirely your choosing to believe that but… That is confirmation bias.

_ It’s you piecing together perceived coincidences and deciding there’s a special connection.

_ I mean tbh I’m a little worried about you considering you spend a lot of $ and were indoctrinated into that cult and even though you aren’t paying into it now they still got you

_ Um please don’t. That brings back past bad trauma.

_ The Illuminati isn’t real.

_ Western rhetoric is harmful 

_ I can’t believe this is like a fr conversation right now.

_ Satanism is inherently atheistic. It’s an anti-theist philosophy.

_ Ugh I swear I’m learning I have triggers thru this convo

Ok so I guess it’s time to clear out your chakras , vacuum out that yucky bad karma with the light on you , etc

Don’t want to attract anything negative now.

OK , so what’s my opinion about this.

Well as you already know , I have been very critical of New Thought / New Age Spiritual teachers because most would think that hierarchy is good or we should be thankful . And I don’t know why I just seen some sort of white orb flash up upon my wall facing me upward when I am writing this… anyway
I have been critical of them for rejecting Anarchism. But also defending New Age / New Thought Spirituality as an Anarchist.

A big question to ask is WHY ? Those are valid arguments against Spirituality and everything I have been saying …. Right ?

Well I do feel that “ Realism “ is hierarchical and not everything can be proven by science. That’s like trying to find where emotions come from on the brain. Perhaps you can find something , maybe personality types are formed in life … But what if there was something beyond “ 3D Human Consciousness “ as spiritual people refer to it as.

Law of Attraction says that you attract everything in your life even if your not conscious of certain things,  just follow your heart and intuition.

But if you want the real truth why I just won’t drop this beautiful fantasy which might as well be the religion for INFPs , well it’s simple.

I have a Twin Flame who I have a telepathic romantic relationship with since 2007 . I meet my Twin Flame face to face in late 2015 , early 2016. Yes she is 6 years younger than me. Yes my art which I channel drew predicting what she would look like has some differences as well as visions I had , but there is strong characteristics that are still the same.
Also it was my Twin Flame and even Spirit Guides pointing out “ SHE IS YOUR TWIN FLAME “ when I wasn’t sure if this person who I was STRONGLY attracted to was my twin or not since my Twin Flame did throw me off thinking she was a rockabilly musician from Brooklin. Two names “ Vallery “ and “ Tommy “ came to mind before I meet my Twin who’s name is very similar to the two.

But yes this is no imaginary person , THIS PERSON IS REAL AND MY TWIN FLAME !

The best way to describe my situation is to refer to you a website most of the things on this website is EXACTLY my experience.

And it’s Law of Attraction that’s going to help me and my Twin Flame come together in Union.

And of you think I’m crazy and what I’m saying is still nonsense , well perhaps you won’t be thinking that way once me and my Twin Flame are both together outside telepathy on the internet together somehow. Stay tuned. _ Erica

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