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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Soul Anger : When Anger is Healthy and Spiritual

Soul Anger : When Anger is Healthy and Spiritual

Today I would like to talk about something on the lines of Spiritual Anarchism .
What most New Age / New Thought / Law of Attraction teachers and gurus alike shy away from , this anti-centralist / this anti-liberal expression.

Now spiritually we are told that all negative emotions will only give you a horrible life and bad things to happen to you so think positive if you want a happy life.
However , I do keep bringing up the idea of Law of Attraction + Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarchy-Communism for a reason .

I have addressed many times in terms of what negativity is and what it is not.
Also how Satire and even Anarchism is not bad energy vibrations and negative Karma !

So again I bring a similar vibe.

I understand that I create my own reality through the Law of Attraction as well as my current Twin Flame Ascension and it’s in the matter of being opened up to loving vibrations and thinking of all the beautiful possibilities of a better life regardless of circumstances .
I will say this , I have a lot to be grateful for in my life where there’s things which I feel are on the pause button for far too long to the point where it’s quite annoying and just ignoring it won’t do anything to make it better. Perhaps I didn’t give that area of my life attention like I should.
Everyone practicing Law of Attraction has gone through that. One of the meanings of life is learning , not beating yourself up and being a perfectionist needing to conform to other people’s standards . Perhaps you forgot to dust your TV , and you do it , problem solved.
Perhaps you did your shadow work and you become less and less cynical about trusting people in your life.

As I said before , the big problem I have with most Law of Attraction teachers is how their political progerganda intentional or not according to their personality type and what they believe is true , such hierarchies get mixed into their teachings.
Bob Proctor would tell you that in order to live the life of your dreams , you must become rich.
Abraham Hicks would probably tell you that the less you worry about environmentalism problems with the world , the planet and environment will heal itself .
T. Harv Eker would mock those who whine about rich people being horrible and praise Donald Trump for his “ Millionaire Mind “ and Jack Canfield writing an introduction to a Trump book calling one “ Donald Trump’s version of The Secret “ .
If you ever take a look at YouTube videos I did back in 2015 , yeah … I believed in that crap !
I still believe in Law of Attraction / New Thought / New Age Spirituality in fact I have no choice … I Have a Twin Flame ! Read more about what Twin Flames are right here

When I got into Anarchism since 2017 , I realized slowly on how many things I learned from “ The Secret “ and “ Abraham Hicks “ and “ Bob Proctor “ aren’t exactly true.
It wasn’t Law of Attraction or learning to build your self esteem and confidence which I still say are strengths on their part , but it’s TRUSTING THIS SICK HIERARCHICAL SYSTEM RAN BY THE RULING CLASS WHO DOMINATE THE WORLD WITH CAPITALISM AND VIOLENCE AND LIES !
One of the things that we are taught is just to live life happy and in love. Well yeah of course , that’s our natural state of being. So of course when I feel down , I got to raise my vibrations and pick myself up in thought and feeling whenever in doubt. Of Course and so yes , The Law of Attraction since 2012 helped me so much that I never went to see a therapist since ( And I had to go to see a therapist since childhood until 2012 ! Did Therapists save me from my abusive father and my mother with low self esteem , NO ! Perhaps just like Libertarian Socialist Rants , we need to question if therapy is really helping people or a tool of the ruling class to keep people being obedient . )

Again , as I stated in a YouTube video once , Negativity is subjected to the individual and therefore the individual needs to clear out the negative emotions with shadow work.

BUT , what if your PASSIONATELY ANGRY ? WHAT IF YOU ARE NOT SO MUCH IN YOUR EGO ( Hate and Fear ) but within your SOUL ( caring about your fellow like minded people as well as yourself ) ? That’s where Anarchism comes in . That’s where Satirists come in.
And I’m proud to be that very empath actually. ;)

There’s a reason why satirists are satirists , there’s a reason why anarchists are anarchists , and there’s a reason why Antifa kicks butt ! 

Whenever I get depressed , I step back from everything just wanting peace and love. I know I can always have that from within , I know I can always have security from within. Perhaps I can attract the life I want through Law of Attraction. But is life really and truly all about “ INDIVIDUAL SELF CONCERN ? “ If so then why do lightworkers exist at all ?

That’s like if I said “ I want to help people learn about the Law of Attraction “ so instead of caring if there will be a mass awakening spiritual revolution or not , I’m going to charge people hundreds and turn it into a Multiple Source of Income . Hey it’s a product or a service based on “ Human Needs “ and depending on the value of how people need this and what value they will put into it , I will charge hundreds and earn more money with less effort. 
And yeah , I believed in that Garbage from 2012 - 2017 when I was a member of the Bob Proctor Streaming Club / Six Minutes To Success. However I was still a satirist and left leaning. And also quite Anti-Establishment . 
Perhaps I just thought how Jim Henson did things. ( like in the book “ Make Art , Make Money ) . But here’s the thing , Jim Henson was an artist first and foremost . 
And most people see capitalism as THE ONLY WAY to make their dreams come true.

Only if people knew that we are all bamboozled by the powers over us.

“ Everything that happens in your life , including everything your complaining about , you have attracted. And I know that’s something you’d hate to hear. But I’m here to be a little bit in your face and say “ Yes you did attract it “ . But once you realize that , it’s life transforming. “ 

“ It’s not your job to change the world or the people around you. Your job is to go with the flow of the universe and enjoy the world that already exists. “

These are a couple of famous quotes from The Secret I remember from memory. 

Also Abraham Hicks said that a gunman and murder victim can attract each other if they are in alignment with each other. Like energy attracts like energy.

SO what does this say about Anarchism ? 
( 1. Hierarchy is the root of all evil and most Law of Attraction teachers even though they can be right about Law of Attraction itself , their political beliefs are ignorant.

( 2. There should be a balance between Individual Self Concern and Collective Self Concern . No one can help another if one is not feeling well. 

( 3. This system is rain by sociopaths and Anarchism knows better ways to live not only for the individual but also for others. Building The New World In The Shell of The Old.

( 4. But Law of Attraction and Anarchism can work together. Both wish for the world to wake up reaching to everyone’s fullest potential and have the ability to create the ultimate life they wish to desire .

OK , so now onto what I want to call “ Soul Anger “ and the reason for that is Anger is often said to be a part of Ego ( Hate and Fear ) and not Soul ( Love and Peace ) .
But there’s something very LIBERATING about uprising against hierarchy . That’s the point of Anarchism. So why not Law of Attraction and Anarchism ? Perhaps Law of Attraction + Anarchism = 5D Earth !

I was thinking this morning , just how useless lawsuits and copyright infringement and law and order truly is . What’s the use of suing someone for libel and slander if this world is globally in control of the rich greedy sociopathic ruling classes ? What’s the point of sending someone to jail for copyright infringement because they couldn’t afford the stupid fees , they didn’t hurt anyone , if anything they are spreading the word of mouth and doing what most people who make things want … they want people to see what they made for the benefit of others.

Even Trump had been threatening satirists saying how there should be laws not to mock the president which they should be punished for having their citizenship taken away from them or 1 year in prison.

Lightworkers came to Earth for a reason. We can all live in love no problem , but we are surrounded by people who are addicted to hate and fear. 
So if I’m mocking stupid people with satire , I’m laughing because if they changed for the better and have up hierarchical power then we can all be satisfied , that simple !
If people agreed to put an end to hierarchy ( Capitalism , The State , Government , Religion , Being some sort of hierarchical power , etc ) then we would have world peace and all needs would be meet and not abandon.

Spiritually speaking everyone wants love , but perhaps hate and fear is an expression of the lack of love as well as the fear of love. 

When Anarchists use direct action and self activity , we are showing the world that we are not going to allow anyone to bully us around ! We are good people , we believe in the power of good , but at the same time we are not a doormat of anyone’s . No one is anyone’s superior !

Spirit Guides are great , in fact it was my spirit guides that guided me to Anarchism in the first place.;

So you see , there’s many Anarchists that think this spirituality crap is a bunch of religious junk to keep people obedient and stupid.

Where there’s spiritual people who think that Anarchism is either a trap from the illuminati or meaningless fighting.

WE ARE ALL ONE , WE ARE ALL EQUAL ! But please just know it’s hierarchy that needs to go away. Anarchists are anti-hierarchy. 

Those in power control LOTS OF THINGS and they are so ignorant , they are creating the very things that make their lives so miserable in the first place. They are praising authoritarian parenting even though that’s where their abusive parents came from and made them the hate and fear driven evil doers they are today !

Anarchists say “ Enough is Enough “ !

So when we are angry not hate and fear driven like right wing fascist reactionary conservatives. Just like Martin Luther King , John Lennon , and perhaps even Jesus Christ. All three of these lightworker leftists were MURDERED for their beliefs and visions that a better world is possible and their legacy is owned by perhaps those who killed them in the first place.

Why is there a Martin Luther King Jr day where he was a leftist clearly if you did your research with his quotes and everything.
If Jesus was right wing then how come he was a leftist hippie and the Holy Bible says things he never said and did that was authoritarian and hierarchical ? Also why were some books left out of the Bible ? Why wasn’t his wife ever mentioned ? 
And how come the murder of John Lennon is said to be done by a lonewolf Christian Terrorist where like Martin Luther King Jr’s death is tied in with the CIA. Also Yoko Ono had John’s blood stained classes on her first solo album . She turned capitalist and only speaks of peace where John was singing about “ Give Peace a Chance , Imagine there’s no countries , I don’t believe in Religion and Hitler , a song about how his parents abandoned him , Instant Karma is going to get you , Screw the Ruling Class / Working Class Hero is something to be / And how can Faul McCartney ( aka Billy Shears ) SLEEP AT NIGHT ? “ Also writing MOST of the Beatles songs and THE BEATLES WAS HIS BAND THAT HE STARTED IT AND ENDED IT !

According to Former Yippie “ Abbie Hoffman “ John Lennon was a Socialist.

Law of Attraction without Anarchism is Spiritual Capitalism and keeping everyone in an apolitical / centralist / liberal / pro-capitalist state of mind . 


Anarchism without Law of Attraction / New Thought / New Age Spirituality will lead to depression and giving up Anarchism all together feeling there is no hope and their lives suck !

Finally I want to mention , when it comes to Anarchism , we need to remind ourselves What Are We Fighting For ? What do we want ?

For me , as I said earlier , perhaps I could manifest a happy life for myself. Surrounded by like minded people and everyone is nice to me and attracting enough money to enjoy such a life.

But I want an Anarchist Society because I know that humanity can be at it’s best , technology and everything could come about faster then it ever did with a hierarchical system in power over us all. We won’t need to worry about breaking the law or anything. We won’t need to work if we didn’t want to because our needs would be meet. However many people would work out of joy because they get satisfaction out of doing the work as well as making other people very happy with what they did. 

This system has made people think the problems of others is their responsibility. This system makes people think of “ only be concerned about you “ . This system has made people think “ People make wrong choices and they need to be faced with the consequences of their wrong doings. “ 

This life is so superficial it makes me sick. Perhaps ignorance is bliss but intelligence as made me a happier person.

Another World Is Possible , if you want it.

_ Erica

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