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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Age Spiritual Communities TOXICATED ?

New Age Spiritual Communities TOXICATED ?

New Age Spiritual Communities Toxicated by INFP Lightworker empath Erica Crooks

Attention Good , kind , caring people who can actually see that we are all one as souls.
Those who don’t fuss over the differences of others if they are LGBTQ+ or Straight , Cisgender or Transgender , and only care about the fact that as long as we don’t hurt each other and ourselves there is no problem ! Gather ‘round . I’ve got some news to tell.

Perhaps a question to ask . Just what the hell is going on in New Thought / New Age Spiritual Communities ? Are they all turning centrist ? Right Wing ? Individual concern and not giving a toss about their fellow human being ? What I’m trying to say is this….
Why in the hell is the New Thought / New Age Spiritual Community turning into such a FREAKIN’ CULT all of a sudden ? A Cult being HIERARCHICAL ! Do this or do that will end you into the reincarnation of the matrix forever if you divide in politics ? That’s their way for saying YOUR GOING TO HELL FOR BEING A TRUE SPIRITUAL Liberation . Fools that don’t know anything about numerology 5 .

I want to promote the idea of “ Spiritual Anarchism “ more ! Meaning this. Perhaps you do resonate with the signs of a lightworker , perhaps you got a Twin Flame , you know all the paranormal freakiness and weirdness which is “ Spiritual Awakening “ !

As I type this , I’m getting a 444 angel number. 
Even a feeling of something feeling my arm without anyone being there.
Yes I have been spiritually guided lately to EXPOSE ALL THIS !

Perhaps that’s the thing. Perhaps we could be guided to go on spiritual websites to find explanations for what’s happening , but we know ourselves be true.

Unfortunately one of the things I’ve discovered currently is this “Avoiding negativity like the plague “ if any talk of how Right Wing IS THE FREAKIN Illuminati If The New World Order actually exists at all which The Anarchist FAQ seems a hell of a lot more realistic and logic and factual.

I say Right Wing are exposing their plans for world domination and as an escape goat they blame Leftists and Minorities. I was guided to this. And guess what ? I got booed out by a bunch of blindly obeying fans of a certain 5D Spiritual website “ [ spiritual website ] “ which like Slayerment and Truth Control , and perhaps Twin Flames 11:11 . I would say this “ There’s information that’s interesting and useful and at the same time perhaps there’s information that I disagree with , STRONGLY even at times. 

All this week , I’ve been getting these stupid , ignorant reactionaries saying stupid judgmental crap accusing me of dumb things I never done and clear red flags of words coming from a lunatic.

I kept being told that my soul was unpure and I will learn my lesson in the next life. I was called a disgusting sex criminal just because I’m Queer ( Transgender Lesbian Woman ) including my Twin Flame. What the hell do they know ? THE NERVE ! I also have someone calling me a Sex Trafficing Baby Eater. Some of this junk is quite laughable really. I’ve read a couple sarcastically in my recent blog videos. It’s just like the psychotic cyberbully who has called me an Islamic terrorist which there’s nothing about me that relates to that obviously. Perhaps that’s showing that my self confidence and intelligence and spiritual soul is getting stronger.
And of course to top the whole ignorant cake , all this junk about how democrats are evil malevolent aliens who are trying to impeach trump and defend the LGBTQ+
None of this crap felt right to me , so I spoke UP !

Hey [ webmaster of a certain spiritual site ] ,

Unfortunately I disagree with this article .
Here’s my opinions on it.

( 1. Centrist politics are just that. A human puppet show ran by The Government . 
( 2. A Democrat is a politician. Leftist I feel represents left wing political views which I tend to side with as a libertarian socialist anarchist / anarchy communist. I also consider myself to be a “ Spiritual Anarchist “ which I tend to talk about it a lot in my youtube videos and blog posts.
( 3. The way how I see it. The New World Order Conspiracy theories are either an invention by the Right or it’s the Right exposing their plans for World Domination but as an scapegoat they blame “ Minorities and Leftists “
( 4. The Global Unity Project sounds like a good idea. However my views on what I would consider to be a libertarian socialist anarchist / anarcho-communist society + 5D Earth ( or it would automatically be included in 5D Earth ) is quite similar but instead of having a Council of Elders , there would be no hierarchies and it’s all about people knowing the principle of just being good to one another and everything.

For more info on Anarchism , I would recommend The Anarchist FAQ .
I think it relates a lot to what you’re saying and 5D Earth being a plus getting rid of the negative low vibrational frequencies.

In my opinion

Love ( left ) vs Fear ( right )
Soul ( left ) vs Ego ( right )
Good ( left ) vs Bad ( right )

I feel the soul is all for love and liberation . Unfortunately because of hierarchy there’s so much misinformation such as human nature or natural law.

I’m still researching all of this but I do feel that my research has an important point to make and
I really enjoy your work on [ the spiritual website ] so I’d like to share this knowledge with you.

From INFP Lightworker to INFP Lightworker. :)

And for more information I’d like to recommend The Anarchist FAQ

And so there’s this reactionary lunatics just screaming at me through text of how sinful I am ( I quoted the actual quote in my video ) 

And so I kindly responded to these lunatics who would rather listen to people who agree with their authoritarian brainwashing crackpot crap !

So this is how I responded.

I’d really appreciate it if [ webmaster ] himself could join in on these comments
Because I’ve been trying to reach out to him to see what he thinks.
First of all I’d like to mention that I am definitely picking up some fear vibes here.
So please know that in no means am I trying to be disrespectful and pick a fight here. OK ? :)
Second of all , I have been spiritually guided to my conclusions from both my spirit guides as well as strong research
For me to come to such conclusions.
Now the abortion issue I’m sort of both sides on. I do not think it’s so much a leftist ideology automatically , probably more democrat due to living in a hierarchical capitalist society but I do think that souls do come and go like a walk-in soul perhaps.
And maybe that’s my point for now , souls can never truly die.
The way I have seen Right Wing political ideology is it’s very much indeed in the prospective of 
Ego and low vibrational energy of hate and fear . In recent study I have indicated that perhaps the “ Authoritarian Personality “
Perhaps could be at play in molding reactionary attitudes and personalities siding with this hierarchy we are all trapped in.
Again I strongly recommend to check out The Anarchist FAQ .
But this whole thing of Love everyone , everywhere and everything blindly I’m starting to question a bit.
Again if [ webmaster ] is willing to answer my comments here , I’d be very pleased because
If he disagrees with everything I say here then perhaps I’m starting to realize that [ spiritual website ] is pro right wing , it’s not the high vibrational unconditional love that I know about , and I’ll unsubscribe if that be the case.
And I would find that to be extremely said. 
In many aspects of what [ webmaster ] expressed regarding 5D Earth I noticed what I would consider to be Spiritual Anarchist which I have talked about a lot in my videos and blogs.
Here is an example of someone talking about Anarchy for a second which [ webmaster ] seems to agree on.
I have chatted with him from time to time and he said to me in quote “ Much of what you said makes sense to me . “
So again I’m not trying to pick a fight here. I’m just saying that what [ webmaster ] posted politically
Sounds contradictory from things he was talking about previously including but lot limiting to
Indigos and it’s relation to the 1960s.
The unfortunate thing about New World Order Conspiracy Theories is that most of the time as well as UFOology is most if it is dominated by Right Wing.
I noticed [ webmaster ] subscribes to PragerU which most of us Leftists feel is a university of hate and fear.
[ webmaster ] did pull an article of David Icke from his website which was clearly Transphobic.
I asked him of [ spiritual website ] was LGBTQ+ friendly and he said it was soul friendly.
But like I said if [ webmaster ] refuses to comment , and all of this is the spirituality of right wing hate and fear ,
I would be more than happy to unsubscribe because I’m not cool with that.
I have a Twin Flame who’s like me , I’ve experienced spirituality and what people think of me is none of my business.
And if I upset anyone here I didn’t mean to. However if you ever heard of the Heyoka empath , it’s a spirit who can shake things up a bit to help people WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH !
Nothing I’m saying here is satirical. I stand by my ground so I agree to disagree.
But like I said , if this is just a Cult for Trump supporters , I know where the exit is and I’m more than happy to use it.
I side with unconditional love , not hate and fear thank you. _ Erica

And yes I get idiots going after me AGAIN !
The webmaster never answered me and really I don’t care. I’m done. I got some bad vibes about all this so I blocked the guy and unsubscribed to all his crap. But I’ll still keep certain pages in my Pinterest for now , there’s still good info. Perhaps some that isn’t originally from him.

Crazy isn’t it.

They HATE Social Justice Warriors and of course it’s easier to hate and fear than to understand. And they are telling me to do my spiritual work ? OH BROTHER !
I feel like I’m the most mature person when talking to this mentally ill people filled with fear , anxiety and just plain reactionaries ! They won’t listen to me , they refuse to talk like GROWN UPS ! All you can do is leave !
If there’s some dumb article attacking SJWs , here’s pictures of young women probably some are lesbians. That isn’t very nice , they don’t deserved to be ridiculed ! Leftists are good people ! If you actually listened to Antifa and Black Blocs , they can tell you why they seem so violent. Listen to their motives. I’m a pacifist myself.
We need to listen to each other. I listened to plenty of right wing garbage to know that it’s garbage. And I’ve listened to plenty of left wing stuff to know this stuff resinates with me and I have a feeling in my heart , intuition and soul they are speaking THE TRUTH !
Why do spiritual people say good things one moment and the next condictiory to what they said before ?
Do they care about how they are hurting innocent people by putting their face on a wall of shame ?

JSurrounded by people who don’t think for themselves.
It’s controlling people with emotion and spirituality

They hate Social Justice Warriors ( minorities that are appressed )
( Right Wing Libertarians / Anarchs-Capitalists that don’t like Bill Maher ) ?

I was called “ THEY “ instead of she / her , and saying that I want to trap people into the matrix of doom ? Of Comfornity.
And create Divisiveness ?
They are all anti-negative and don’t get attached to any group , individualists of ignorance. They don’t want people to care for one another. They think “ It’s their problem “
They said that I will be reincarnated until I learn my lesson ?

Very Right wing indeed. INDIVIDUAL SELF CONCERN !

They just blindly “ TRUST SOURCES “ without necessarily reading the article or watching the video . They call this “ based on the TRUST FACTOR “ with their reputation and content. ( quoted from a private email I received awhile back )

They like David Icke because they claim they helped many get to where we are today.
RED FLAG , he’s a transphobe. ALSO Spitting Image and Have I Got News For You have knocked the pissed out of him.

“ He Brings on the hard hitting info first , and always finishes on a high spiritual note ! “ 

OK , so does that mean people can just be FASCIST and hateful and prejudice against minorities and lefties and leave everything off by JUSTIFYING how LOVE from the UNIVERSE WILL CURE THEM AND WE ARE MORE HIGH VIBRATIONALLY ENERGETIC THAN THEM ?


I asked this webmaster if his website was LGBTQ+ Friendly

And this is what I got.

“ In5D is SOUL friendly!!! 
I removed the link from that page, too :) “

I talked to this webmaster about stuff I’ve talked about like intuitive discrimination ( how the neurology test is fixed to discriminate minorities , leftists and personality types like INFP ) and how Anarchism would work better than his Global Unity Project and he responded with

“ Much of what you have said makes sense to me. “

It’s interesting really. I get this email notification about this stupid article
And let me share you a piece from it. Maybe you’ll know why I’m so pissed off and feel betrayed .

“ Leftists such as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff immediately tweeted their support for Smollet once they learned it was a hate crime committed by Trump followers against a Liberal, gay, black man, trying to capitalize on someone’s misfortune in order to further their agenda. “

There was a bunch of right wing idiots on instagram that’s for sure who was putting down LGBTQ+ people accusing them of some evil NWO agenda to kill off the human race. It’s so dumb and hurtful and downright fascist ! Lies from sociopaths believed by sheeple !

There was someone who follows Twin Flames 11:11 who’s a right wing reactionary who called me a sex criminal because I’m LGBTQ+ like I mentioned.

It’s really crazy because the way how I believe in New Thought / New Age Spirituality is that it should not be a CULT or a RELIGION ! And that’s something I do like about and many youtubers out there like Teal Swan who debunk spiritual bypassing . They are also included in my pinterest.

But still I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, due to this hierarchical system , there’s plenty of misinformed people. 

It’s one thing to listen to your heart , it’s another when someone tells you how you feel naturally as a kind loving soul is wrong .  

In no means is this a personal attack on this individual or people , because I don’t even know them face to face. And when is telling the truth libelous and slanderous anyway. This damn system is just catered to sociopaths because it’s authoritarian and hierarchy.
All I’m saying is this. Spirituality is about LIBERATION , NOT BEING FREAKIN’ CONTROLED AND BRAINWASHED out of the fear of not being in spiritual alignment because they said so.

5D vibration means to feel happy and feel good.
5D Earth to me is everyone living in harmony and all bad things just go away it’s so natural.
But if your going to bark at someone for not being spiritual or accuse them of being an alien and their punishment is to through the matrix until they learn different ,

Again I just find a lot of this stuff being contradictory . I don’t think it’s right to SHAME people just because you feel they are of low vibration. I’m a heyoka so you can freakin’ tell. Lol 

And like the link in this article , how can you be for peaceful protest one moment and then the next attack SJWs when you look like a hippie , care for the ocean , and make a video talking about indigos and praising John Lennon and the 1960s . 

It’s like the idea of a right wing hippie , IT’S AN OXYMORAN !

Also I don’t think that guy is an INFP ! He probably took the test wrong.

Enough said.

Shield your energy ( meaning chill out and come down. It’s more simple if it wasn’t for all these terms I must say. lol ) and just be careful people when doing research.

Love & Light & Peace and LIBERATION ,

_ Erica

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