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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Internet Social Life

Internet Social Life Erica Crooks

Internet Social Life
Erica Crooks

First of all I just want to talk everyone who has subscribed , liked , enjoyed what I do and put out there. I hope in some ways perhaps it has been a source of influence to you , because
I know these things have most certainly been to me.
Perhaps I can finally call myself a blogger because I really like doing these , more so than the videos . It’s probably because I’m an introvert.

Today I want to talk about the internet and social life.
Now for those who don’t already know this and I’m sure my fellow readers already know this about me , I’m an INFP. And I did mention the subject of what might be considered to be 
An INFP utopia according to my previous blog articles .

People might or might not already know this about me but I can sort of blame what happened to me 10 years ago relating to my social anxiety online .

Cyberbullies and Trolls ruin any chances of people making friendships online and offline using internet technology.

Personally I prefer some kind of webcam chat which I have experimented with previously.

Personally I see positive possibilities regarding making friendships and connections online.
And I’m all for it.

10 Years ago , I used to socialize all the time on message forums and such.
But one thing I’ve most certainly noticed that I just need to point out and perhaps the reason I’m not as Facebook savy which is the norm now a days ,
It’s not so much the technology , it’s people !

One hand it’s a very secure and truthful fact that on the other side of the computer screen most likely than not , it’s another human being.

The unfortunate thing is that perhaps it reflects the final battle of Good vs Evil in this crazy world.
Regarding my thoughts on the concept of Judgement Day , I much prefer the New Age version of 5D Earth which isn’t necessarily about death , but about how Love will conquer all hate and fear once and for all.

Other Anarchists feel the same as I do regarding these matters I mention.

The problem with cyberbullies and trolls I think more than ever just prove that I’m not the only one who was a victim of narcissistic supply and gaslighting.

“ Spit on your own and you can’t do anything but if we all spit together we’ll drown the bastards ! “ _ Bob Crow

But one thing I notice that most people do which I have to admit that I’m still working on myself , Is people’s courage to socialize regardless.

My readers already know about this but I’m into New Thought / New Age Spirituality and I have a Twin Flame.
And empaths are sensitive to energy. 
Clearing energy is like getting hit with something negative and well … calming down .
Shielding perhaps comes natural the more someone has self esteem.

The way I see it , the more good people stick together and defend good people ,
It would out number the negative ones.

Even though I am thankful for those who have subscribed , at the same time 
I do apologize for not answering to comments at this time but will eventually.
Again , I’ve went through such traumatic events in 2009.

Surrounded by 4 toxic people who clearly are narcissists / toxic personality disorders 
And my mother who suffers with depression and lived in poverty all her life saves me from taking my life away.

Two of them being my authoritarian father and his equally narcissistic wife ,
And two men one being my job coach who drove me to college and faked a strong friendship for 5 years and the other being is friend and those two were secretly psychotic cyberbullies and trolls. And literally obsessed. I won’t be surprised if they have dedicated their lives away to ruin my public reputation online. But through the years I have became a stronger person.

These insane men who would either be transphobic , cheaply counterfeit my satirical puppet show in which they called The New Eric Crooks Show or Eric Crooks Classics ( stealing old footage of my show , some in which contain footage I don’t have the master tapes too , and all this nonsense of making me look like an islamic fundamentalist religious terrorist called Victory 4 Allah and Crooks Corporation .

We live in a hierarchical system that does not protect us from such criminals , but sides with them.
Which explains why I had lawyers and police refuse to go after them for me.

Their names and faces are extremely easy to find.
Before I came to the realization that my ex friends where the abusive cyberbullies this whole time , I believed in their lies about wanting to have careers as screenplay writers
In Hollywood California and wanted me to come along too.
I was tricked to animating 2 half hour animated films for them which I supplied all the drawing , animating , editing and some voice work to called “ The Hula Hoop Show “ in 2012 .
I did not create the show nor did I write any of it because I got sort of sacked after the first two.
Also two live action sketch comedy films featuring the two men in question.
Keep in mind , I came out Transgender Woman in 2013 so I was still in my Androgyne / Genderqueer mode back then. I would still consider myself part non-binary however .
And these knuckleheads not only exposed their face but revealed their names within the credits of these films and have open social media accounts.

So yeah , these cyberbullies and trolls are not very bright !
I recognized their voices when they were making fake Erica Crooks Show videos and this animated video called “ Erica Crooks Babies “ which was poorly animated and I was laughing a little bit thinking “ Oh come on , is that the worst you can do ? “
These men seriously think I’m a weak little push over.

But of course the frightening thing about these guys is their sick obsession.
I’m talking about fake social media accounts , a fake blogger , and I even suspect 
Some sort of link to a famous meme on the internet as well.
I have written about it.

And when you got a narcissist for a president “ President Chump ! “
It influences the neo-fascists , neo-nazis, KKK , alt right bastards !
We need ANTIFA !
( TRIGGER WARNING : Contains graphic disturbing images for the sake of political documentary educational purposes )

And I didn’t even mention the threats I’ve received in 2013 - 2014 
From these bullies within comments that I never approved.
So in a court of law , bring it on , I have evidence that would sink these guys into the tar pits !
They have nothing to hide , these two are not brilliant trolls !
They are so easily exposed !
I strongly think they were in the headlines of all the newspapers ,
I think globally for trashing some sort of festival in New Jersey .
One of them dressing as Caitlin Jenner dancing to “ Dude looks like a lady “
While the other displaying a Fruit-loops box reflecting her past life as an athlete.
And I heard they were urinating in public , kicking someone’s dogs and kids ,
Destructive bullies.

And that was the thing I’ve noticed about these two.
They laughed like Beavis & Butt-head but they were extremely destructive.
Perhaps a mix between Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-Social Personality Disorder .

Still it’s hard to say what their motives are.
He was a job coach for adults with disabilities.
I already have my opinions regarding how intuitive get misdiagnosed .
If there’s anything left to say about these two men , 
Like Trump , they aren’t the only bullies in the world. I think they worked with others through 4chan . I think they are probably politically Alt-Right and thinking leftists are anti-American terrorists. Ok so Anarchists are anti-nationalist but Anarchists have a reason.
That’s the thing. Intelligence is something that sides more with good than it does with evil.
I won’t be surprised if these guys are readers and subscribers !
One thing is for sure , I got back at them GOOD !

But like I said , they aren’t the only ones.
And sure in life , people get crappy people like this all the time !
But the ironic part of it is , is this.
If you had a social group that meet in public , if they even dared showed up and you recognized them and they were starting trouble , you call the police because that’s your only option unfortunately.
On the internet nobody cares , not even the rich internet capitalists .
Again the system allows them where in an Anarchist Society they won’t !
Someone could have a nice thing going and then suddenly they do it.

You see it all the time on Facebook and YouTube .
Comments boxes are full of them.

When you have people that point them out and call their bluff ,
You got them !
But when you have those kinds of people and no one else to defend you ,
It proves that you got to defend yourself.

So with me currently , I ignore the trolling and cyberbullying from those minority hating jerks.
But at the same time I know I should never ever allow fascists to dominate my life and freedom.

In conclusion ,
I apologize for the unanswered questions and comments and socializing subscribers and non-subscribers alike where trying to get ahold of me ,
I just hope you understand my situation.

I would more than happy to do more socializing online.
But thanks to internet capitalism , and all hierarchy doing nothing about authoritarian anti-social fascists in this world , 
I feel the more support I have , the better.
It’s no fun where one can be in a situation where the only comments one gets are threats , trolls , and abuse. No one wants that !

Perhaps I need to get a moderator.
Perhaps my Twin Flame would like to step in and help sort all of this for me.
I think the thing about being an empath is that empathy feel things more extreme than most people probably because we can pick up on the negative energy from the very toxic person without them knowing about it so of course it’s draining.
Perhaps that’s the other thing.
But I’m sure the more good people that are there , the more that will out number the bad comments.
And perhaps that’s when I’ll be more social.
Also what I do is a lot of hard work and effort plus we have our own lives.

Again this isn’t an issue that is new. But it’s most certainly one I’m very politically concerned about.
I’m just happy that more now than 10 years ago , people are talking about it.

My hope still is very similar to what Non-Compete has mentioned according to his parasocial video which I strongly recommend people to watch !

My hope is to eventually socialize and connect with like minded people.
But when someone has low views , inactive subscribers and fake people ,
It can be kind of hard.

So I’m not trying to sound needy or greedy , that’s kind of what is happening with the internet due to hierarchy.
There seems to be more pissed off people than happy people who want to do something wonderful.
And when someone wants to bring good to this world , there’s always some jerk who wants to bring them down.

So yes , I do eventually want to start some sort of online community.

So for those viewers and subscribers who are real , who truly like what I do , 
What would help me a lot is if you truly like what I do ,
Please spread the word of mouth !

Finally I want to mention again similar to what Non-Compete has mentioned
Which is how there’s YouTubers and such who don’t care about communities but an excuse to run a small business. 
My views have changed a little bit since pre-2017 which would explain my previous youtube blog videos say in 2015 for example ,
But at the same time , I always strongly believed in the power of non-profit even during the time when I was this failing liberal entrepreneur before I got into anarcho-communism which fits me much better politically !

Maybe one of these days I might have a Patreon , Kickstarter , etc
Because what I do is expensive.
But at the same time I don’t want to exploit people.
Like Non-Compete said , it’s like a tip jar.
But at the same time , it’s a fight against anti-capitalism !
Not an excuse to build a small business.

“ Filmmaking is Art , Not Business ! “ 
_ James Rolfe ( The Angry Video Game Nerd / )

One more thing. I wanted to talk about the nature of message forums , Facebook , etc in general .

Because of Hierarchy , for most people it has damaged people socially I strongly feel.
Someone I meet in an old pop culture Meetup group I used to run , we talked about the 1960s and he told me how he was going to buy land for hippies to stay and enjoy.
He suggested a book to me which I haven’t read but always remembered the title called 
“ Bowling Alone “

So many it’s not just the internet , but people in general because it’s people who put stuff onto the internet.
I remember 10 years ago asking for help on LGBTQ+ message forums in terms of coming out and I kept getting thrown off of websites due to my frustrations with people not being intellectually helpful . Today it’s different , someone can easily ask you “ Do you ever feel like your a Lesbian in the wrong body ? “ If you were in my shoes , I may have came out that much faster fully. 
I’m not going to worry about some Butch Lesbians who may be transphobic , because I know for a fact that there are Butch Lesbians who are trans friendly. I even know of some.
In fact , I have a Masculine Butch Stud Lesbian Twin Flame. :) 
Perhaps I debunked the legacy sketch a little bit from 2009 .

But in general , there’s MBTI Online Communities that are horribly dysfunctional.
I was doing some investigating anonymously on PersonalityCafe and as soon as
I mentioned even politely for the sake of intellectual conversation , the subject matter of
“ iNtuitive Bias “ , ALL HELL BROKE LOSE and I was being bombarded with trolling private messages so I had to ask the admins to just shut down and terminate my account on there.
Likewise , mbtibase has a wonderful website structure . A MBTI Database where EVERYTHING and literally EVERYTHING including funny satirical stereotypes can be typed.
I came to the realization that the website was made by a TROLL because the admin was never present and a troll dominated the website and even pretended to be it’s users.
I went in the chatroom with hope and somewhat naive that love can help this troll to stop.
That bastard was literally HACKING INTO MY LAPTOP !
I shut it down immediately and as a result within a matter of months and probably not even related , I ended up buying a whole new ( ok used ) laptop .
I can still use my old one but in safe mode only for the most part.

I’ve said this before 10 years ago , when you do something you love , your like minded people will follow.

So with enough support , I eventually would like to chill in the comments
Or do something fun on live chat , or something of that nature of community building and such.
But like everything , it’s about taking the weeds out of the garden.

And the thing about social media I will say is , if you had a website , someone can already give you a bad review if a troll ruins it’s community because I’m sure moderation is a pain !
People already hate social media for not doing a thing about it.

So … perhaps it’s not just the internet ,
It’s life itself.
But on a positive note.
We are in the final battles of Good vs Evil , Soul vs Ego and Love vs Fear .

_ Erica

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