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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Internet Capitalism and SEO hierarchy

Internet Capitalism and SEO hierarchy

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If someone can make a stupid blog video to become rich and famous then why bother with hashtags and SEO right ?

If you can make it in the Hollywood system and become rich and famous then why bother with SEO and hashtags right ?

If your a rich soulless bastard , you can pay a lot of money for SEO , hashtags , everything you can imagine and if we ain’t uniting in a social revolution then soon the brain of every human being. Perhaps animals too so they can attack any lefty they see.
Sounds like a good movie don’t it ? But with The New World Order conspiracy theory ( coming from a leftist perception ) and what anarchists know , who’s to say that it’s fictional where there’s facts that back it up.

Want to know what some of the top searches for INFP are ?
INFP Careers , Does INFP make good lawyers ,

OR how about HOW TO BECOME RICH , money ….

I’ve said it before , everything even a little bit has hierarchy on it
And this is due to the brainwashing of Government , Capitalism , etc !

Could you imagine a world where people can only earn a penny a day but television is free and all television shows is advert for FOOD and Food is the most expensive thing in the world ( Not for the rich of course ) , 
Perhaps the name of this very song comes to mind.
Good Ol’ Bob Dylan .
Or how about THIS !
( and if Anarchism had a musical , Anarchists would have a song similar to Rent from Rent )

Say you just want someone to freakin’ see your art ! Or perhaps your desperate for food and your out of luck !

Why do people need to pay Google for keywords when it’s clearly capitalists like them that created this sort of hierarchy in the first place.

OK , we all like Google , YouTube , etc 
Because of the advancement of technology.

But when you have fascist cyberbullies harming the innocent , or talented people who go unnoticed not because they are not very good but because they simply didn’t get discovered yet ….

Do you have to be a capitalist to get your life to freakin’ work ?

OK , I do believe in Law of Attraction ( aka The Secret , aka New Thought / New Age Spirituality related stuff and plus I have a Twin Flame and I’m an INFP Lightworker empath of all sorts ) ,

But what The Secret , Abraham Hicks and Bob Proctor isn’t going to tell you is that we are slaved in a hierarchical society.

I strongly recommend the Anarchist FAQ !

Sure , sure , I’ve already written about Internet Capitalism and talked about Internet Capitalism already .

From what a Free Internet means to me

To even struggling YouTubers who are getting sick because of SEO

That’s right , capitalism is just like hate and fear , IT KILLS !
Where anarchism , leftists , and unconditional love HEALS !

The capitalist system is rigged !
If your a content maker or a musician or a comedian or an intellectual or all the above , neither or beyond ,
This capitalist hierarchical authoritarian / totalitarian / fascist system is NOT ran by a free democracy for the people and by the people !
The ruling class laughs at liberals … that is until they become anarchists and realize that the left is intelligent !

Yes , yes , people want to earn more money !
But can’t you see that having a business isn’t going to work ?
Because no matter how rich you are , there’s always going to be someone richer than you and they are going to treat you as if you have no money at all ! 

And it doesn’t matter how intelligent or talented you are , they would rather put something crass and get more views that yours because they have the money and power to do it.
They may even send capitalist mafia to shut you down !
And who’s to say the lawyers and judges are on your side.
You can have stupid right wing judges send innocent people in jail for life !
Lawyers are nothing more but priests and pastors and have authority to ask questions to The Pope ! Government is religion , so is hierarchy , it’s a cult !

Business people already know that Stupidity is Profitable !

But the misconception is that people are naturally stupid !

That’s right , the ruling class thinks you are stupid !

Here’s a pop culture example

WE GOT THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS instead of The Muppet Show on iTunes and a complete boxset which fans were waiting for over 10 years and still didn’t get !

And there’s brilliant people in art and science who only get clouded by the garbage of capitalism

We all have a choice here !

And years ago I thought what I wanted was to earn money doing what I love doing because I just thought that’s how adult life works and there’s no alternative.


And let’s just say that I have came a long way even though I’m only 30 going onto 31 in 2019.

I’ve done it all !

Submitting to Film Festivals , Doing stuff from my own website alone for 3 solid years from 2013 - 2016 , Public Access Television for 4 years , Local Comic Con artist table and panel , a promo table at my local Pride Festival , independent film screenings , Got my pitches rejected from Comedy Central , [ adult swim ] , Mondo Media and even Troma Entertainment !

And every is struggling ! Not just me , EVERYONE !

But behind the most wealthy , lies ignorance !

You know what I want to call money ?

Freedom tickets !


This system has slaved us into it !
And that’s why we can not live without it !

It’s not just Anarchists that are against capitalism ,
But REAL and TRUE spiritual empaths as well !

If you want the world to become a better place ,
We need to all unite and get everyone on the same page for a social revolution to a better world for everyone to happen !

And the reason why it’s not supported isn’t because the idea is any good.
It’s like anything on the internet and well anything that’s undiscovered ,

So what are you going to do , listen to the rich and famous ,
Believe what exists in the here and now because of the illusion that it works and supported by most people ?

Or are you going to wake up to the truth that people are following a false profit WHICH IS PROFIT !

Heaven on Earth is possible , that is if you want it.

Law of Attraction and Anarchism or Lying politician and working your butt off until your sick just to pay the bills even and get your next meal ,
The choice is yours ! No politician will save you.

_ Erica

Resources for Research

The Anarchist FAQ
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Libertarian Socialist Rants

Thought Slime


Anarchist Awareness shirts and Buttons ( I love this stuff personally )

Leftist Related stuff

And I just like this stuff :P

“ Spit on your own and you can't do anything, but if you all spit together you can drown the bastards ! “ _ Bob Crow 
( Later adopted by Spitting Image )

“ This is the world we live in
And these are the hands we're given
Use them and let's start trying
To make it a place worth living in.
Now this is the world we live in
And these are the hands we're given
Use them and let's start trying
To make it a place worth fighting for.
Yes , it’s Spitting Image again. :)

_ Erica

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