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Friday, March 1, 2019

Spiritual Aftermath

Spiritual Anarchism Erica Crooks
Spiritual Aftermath

I have a related video where I talk a little more about a big problem I see within not only New Thought / New Age Spirituality but also Liberals and people politically which is
Individual self-concern as well as Codependence.
The video also talks further relating to this article “ Spiritual Aftermath “

YouTube : 

Spiritual Aftermath

As you might already or already know , I have been spiritually guided with my spirit guides guiding me and all probably with my Heyoka Empath energy to get away from certain spiritual resources lately.

I’ve just had so much energy to write a bunch of blog post articles.

And youtube blog videos .

Spiritual Anarchism

Love vs Fear isn’t too extreme

Good vs Evil

Right Wing is not spiritual , they are liars

Love in Revolution

Why the hate towards the Left


When Dark takes advantage of the light

You got to keep your individuality in spirituality and everything

A post expressing just how warn out and overwhelming being pushed by my spirit guides to doing all of these articles and videos are in a short period of time.

You got to trust what feels right to you.

And of course
Get your Right Wing Out of my Spirituality

Where I reveal how even though I’m spiritually guided to respond to an article by a certain somewhat famous New Age spirituality website , there were many reasons why this article didn’t feel right to me and it just contradicted everything this certain New Age spirituality website said about Coming home to 5D Earth and so forth.
And so I’m guided even though I felt like being a social justice warrior Neo-hippy protester to rant and expose them for being phony , I was spiritually guided to answer back by explaining how I disagreed with the article and perhaps the idea of “ Spiritual Anarchism “ would be better  than this idea of so called “ Elder souls ( which I don’t believe is better than old souls ) “ being your spiritual hierarchy telling you what’s good for you and the best of humanity.

So yeah I get shouted at by a bunch of lunatics. And what’s weird is a lot of the comments I received were somewhat edited by the admin in question so it makes it look more so I think that I’m the odd one out.

Here’s the story of my life people. I go with what feels right to me.
I’m always seeking things out and seeing if they feel right to me.
In this case , as a lightworker , I often wonder if there’s others who share my views of what I would consider Anarcho Spiritual or Anarchy New Age.
If we can have Anarcho Christianity then why not Anarcho New Age.
If we can have religious anarchists then why not spiritual anarchists.
Anarchism only has the rules made up of no hierarchies that hurt people .
A justified hierarchy wouldn’t even be a hierarchy at all since everything would be of horizontal relations like seeking a teacher or doctor for advice , so perhaps that’s not even a hierarchy at all because they have your “ consent “ and you can leave at anytime.

I was studying the New Age page on wikipedia
And there’s certain things I disagree and I think related to my experience.

It’s kind of like a certain religion and looking through all the different prospectives of that same religion , which one is the most open minded. lol

So yeah I was spiritually guided to share the idea of spiritual anarchism as well as how I was guided to come to the conclusion that perhaps the low vibrational frequency 
Is definitely associated with Right Wing.
Again this was a website that was talking about the idea of 5D Earth which was starting to sound more and more anarchist with the ideas of anti-capitalism , anti-government , and just the idea of being good to one another and everyone using law of attraction which spirit guides have told and guided me to the idea that it acts like a spiritual collective.

Instead of this idea that this guy would be more than happy to be a future “ Elder “ choosing what’s right for humanity and what’s not aka spiritual hierarchy ,
I thought the guy was nice and smart and open minded enough to share my idea but NO !
I get attacked by not only them but even a right wing lunatic in the Twin Flame community telling me how me and my Twin Flame being LGBTQ+ is sinful.
Sad how people would rather be an extroverted reactionary instead of listening to someone’s point of view first and talking things out like adults in an intellectual conversation and friendly debate
 instead of just being apolitical studying the news and judging every single person who is low in vibration and telling them if they keep it up they will forever be trapped in the matrix due to their bad karma … um hello , I am an empath of all sorts , and I’m not saying this to boost my ego unlike some people I could mention.  

I will admit , I felt uncomfortable of just leaving such and such a spiritual resource behind but as I said before , they may have information that’s still good to learn but don’t trust that they have your same morals and values.

In other words perhaps this guy is more INTP than INFP ! 
And I’m just saying this because from my research INTPs can be very similar to INFPs in terms of being the sort of intellectuals who’s not afraid of knowledge and exploring ideas to the fullest  however INFPs having Fi in the cognitive functions have this moral set of values which I think most INFPs share where INTPs are more indifferent and open minded about and since they are THINKERS and not FEELERS , they take an impersonal non-empath approach to it unlike INFPs and relating iNtuitive Feeler types.

So anyway I was looking through the New Age page on wikipedia like I ways saying earlier and there were certain believes that I found quite hierarchical but the thing about or at least to me is there shouldn’t be just one form of New Age spirituality.
And as an empath who went through all of this paranormal spiritual awakening which at times can be scary , depressing , and down right shake you up emotionally from time to time to the point where say I want to get a paranormal investigator to go after my Twin Flame ( My Twin Flame did get me thrown out of a nightclub in 2017 but I filmed her so I didn’t leave empty handedly as well as notes in my notebook taking about the heavy emotions I was picking up in telepathy while my Twin was on stage ( and ironically the time is 11:11 when I just wrote that ) but of course that’s another story all together. ) , I’m a spiritual empath and I know I am because I can relate to something from my experience “ YEAH THAT IS SO ME “ or “ YEAH THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT’S GOING ON WITH ME “ 
So no I’m not brainwashed .

The article he wrote an article attacking the leftists saying they were the bad low vibrational people and Trump is all so innocent and high in vibration , and them saying junk about democrats lying so they can attack MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters for bullying a black gay man. What’s wrong with attacking fascist bullies ? Besides democrats giving money , money , money , screw the money , money is no first aid kit.
But also photoshopped pictures of liberals which were young women with short hair and might possibly be lesbian ( or bi ) or maybe queer.
And they were photoshopped in his little title card for his article because of the whole “ Crazy Liberals / Social Justice Warrior / Special Snowflake / Butt-hurt Crybaby prejudice against the left “.
REALLY ? You don’t even know these people , what have these people did that was so horrible to human beings ?
We are not talking about Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro here !
We are talking about innocent people with a kind caring heart standing up for their like minded people.

I have stated this before and I’ll state it again.
I find this spiritual website admin and webmaster to be all spiritual and knowing very conductor to many things he had said before about peaceful protest and standing up for the good of humanity one moment and then the next just JUDGING and SHAMING anyone he perceives as low vibrational.
This guy may have been born in the start of the 1960s , but he was still just a kid when the 1960s actually happened.
This guy is so judgmentally ignorant that he would rather say that hippies who were smiling and saying PEACE PEACE PEACE are more positive and The Yippies such as Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin are negative and they will be left behind and not be welcomed into 5D Earth.

That’s not how I see 5D Earth !

Again maybe he’s INTP even though he says he’s INFP , I think he’s really INTP.

Here’s another thing about the peace movement. John Lennon.
You know how he felt , AN INFP trapped in this hierarchical world that is catered for the EXTROVERTED SENSORS

NOW THAT’S A TRUE AND PISSED OFF INFP UNCENSORED ( This is probably from 1970 , 1971 or 1972 . It was later transcribed for Rolling Stone magazine. )  

Anyway back to crack pot believes that I do not agree with in terms of spirituality which I find hierarchical.

A lot of the spirituality that I read about in terms of New Age / New Thought Spirituality doesn’t seem to relate to me as a Heyoka Empath and a Numerology 5 Soul Urge and Life Path with Personality Expression 9 .
Not being ethical and prohibiting what they would label as the unnecessary dualistic good vs evil is the same believe that people have when practicing black magic as well as Anarcho-Capitalists . Even liberals I’ve noticed just sees one’s own suffering as their own individual problem and not there’s or anyone else.

Anarchists know that there’s this hierarchical system that’s hurting people.
There was some sort of Beyond The Secret film where Bob Proctor was saying the same thing about not feeling bad for homeless people and actually showing footage of them.
That made me very sick and just drifted me away from studying his philosophies of The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich even further.

This sort of “ we only control our own lives and the suffering of others is their problem “ mindset I had a view years but still being a satirist , perhaps I was in denial of being an empath.
That’s the thing , when you get into The Secret , New Thought and New Age Spirituality , don’t turn off your Anarchist questioning.

Another thing too when you got people siding with Right Wing propaganda within the New World Order Conspiracy Theories and saying “ Question Everything “ , the very people are just thinking minorities and leftists are evil with blind faith . NOW THAT’S Brain Washing.

So when it comes to spirituality , yeah Law of Attraction we can attract and manifest anything with our thoughts and feelings.
But it’s really our feelings.
We manifest what we manifest and sure it’s important to raise our vibration but if this is a 3D Earth and not a 5D Earth which would happen automatically within an Anarchist Society ,
Aka Heaven on Earth ,
Well 5D just means feeling happy and feeling good and it’s a shared moral and ethical belief system known as Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism.

Another thing that’s said that I hear is “ Oh your low vibrational energy. Something horrible is going to happen to you and your going to keep getting reincarnated again and again until you learn your lesson from your Karma. “

Reincarnation in my opinion is a natural thing.
For example if someone dies of depression or single , then they will be reincarnated until they have those things the didn’t experience in life be experienced in another life.
As well as how they would keep getting these lightworker upgrades.

SO YEAH talk about a bunch of New Agers or SO CALLED with a bunch of fear , hate , and NEGATIVITY !
So contradictor and hypocritical indeed .

Also that thing I mentioned about having Elders as Kings , well there’s a current version of such political hierarchy known as New Age Politics.
Sure there’s New Age socialists , but where’s the New Age Anarchists ?

I still stand my ground in terms of New Thought / New Age Spirituality Anarchism.

It really does seem like anything else is an Oxymoron .

Finally I’d like to just say that New Thought / New Age Spirituality
Talks about how this hierarchical world and your own fears are tied into paradigms and blockages of your manifestations.

THAT I believe.

So really , let’s get rid of such a hierarchical world using Anarchy and Law of Attraction.

_ Erica


We Fear What We Do Not Understand , sometimes we need to learn about it . Also sometimes what triggers people has nothing to do with what's on the outside , perhaps it's an inner trigger of the individual which the individual needs to do shadow work to know why that certain thing has " triggered them " .

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