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Friday, March 22, 2019

Does ANTIFA show us the future ?

Does Antifa show us the future ?

First of all , I must explain that I am a pacifist . I am indeed a libertarian socialist anarchism / anarchs-communist . Yes I am a Queer Anarchist , Anarcho - Feminist , Transgender Anarchist , etc . Though with my direct action I tend to be a Philosophical Anarchist / Cultural Anarchist .
When I heard news about Trump wanting to ban political satire …. OOOooh , I was on protest mode right there.

But what do I mean by pacifism ? In terms of a social revolution I would rather do it peacefully.
I side with Noam Chomsky on this .

So if that be the case , why would or why could I possibly have any empathy for ANTIFA and Black Blog protests ? Well as an Anarchist I understand their motives.
And as a Transgender Lesbian Woman , especially myself I have all odds against me in the eyes of the bully. Antifa feels like a bigger brother … You know as in “ I’m going to get my bigger brother to go after you and you’ll be sorry. Kind of situation . “
But in truth Antifa and Black Blocs use self defense for themselves as those who they protect like lefties and minorities , which includes me and of course anyone who enjoys my stuff on the world wide web. ;) So when it comes to supporting the troops , that would be Antifa in that sense. Like liberals , yes they side with hierarchy but as someone who’s left wing , I say Unite The Left ! Support the Left !

But does Antifa show us the future ? What do I mean by that ? Well it’s pretty much the links that I’m seeing with hierarchy. Right Wing politics and Sociopaths who abuse the innocent online and offline. It’s amazing the kind of trolling / cyberbullying threats I have received all though I do my best not to look at it because their aim is to be as hurtful and cruel as possible.
If they wanted to edit a picture or video of you in a sadistic shocking way they would.
If they can get away with murder they would.

There’s two kinds of sociopaths. Those with money and power who run this hierarchical system globally which the masses have been brainwashed into thinking that’s the norm and then there’s those who are just as broke as everyone else but display the same bad attitudes and harm to the innocent aka narcissistic supply , gas lighting , hovering , etc . That’s their ego , they want to control EVERYTHING !
And it’s all due to their authoritarian parents and their parents and their parents and so forth.

What’s truly scary is if I didn’t have my mother in my life , I wouldn’t be me. That’s a very scary thought. It makes me more thankful for my loving INFP soul .

If you ever seen footage of ANTIFA going after the Alt-Right , Neo-Fascists , etc . You have that going on and then you have the hierarchical authority going in with a “ Break it up you juvenile deliquesces “ You have that strong connection between the extreme right aka Fascism with Trump who’s in the Whitehouse ( at the time I have written this ) . It’s like trying to have legal go after those who have hurt you. How do we not know they side with sociopaths ?

That’s one of the reasons why I’m an Anarchist. I know now that authority doesn’t care about anyone , the capitalism of media and everything and so forth. And there’s innocent people without and outside the system that suffer because of it.

( For more info check out The Anarchist FAQ )

What’s ironic is there’s people all the time talking about narcissists and sociopaths but always get taken advantage by them. I say that’s the story of my life being a victim of Narcissistic Supply. Even my mother warned me to be careful when getting to know someone.
But I don’t want to live like that. We have so many people that’s suspicious of everyone.
There’s innocent people with their public reputation on and offline ruined every single day by people like this. Even bad neighbors where in situations the innocent doesn’t have enough money to live elsewhere .

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life is self-love / self-esteem and that we fear what we do not understand and so when we learn about something , we focus on our heart and intuition on what feels right , the stronger we become.

It doesn’t matter if I shut my mouth our not , these people would absolutely LOVE TO HURT ME IF THEY COULD ! 

Sure Antifa does a good job with their self defense and standing up for good people. Lefties and Minorities.
But we should look at the situation in all areas with ways , especially which don’t require violence.

That’s how I like to think about Direct Action . As what Bob Dylan had said about the peace movements in the 1960s “ Everyone is doing whatever they can. “ 

Yes I have talked about cyberbullies and trolls in the past , and have read many articles about how self esteem and standing your ground is what makes these energetic vampires upset enough to leave you alone.

But what do you do when they threaten you with violence or try to hurt you ? What if you call the police and get legal help ? Some might help AND SOME WON’T ! But at the same time if you use direct action , self defense , these psychopaths would do whatever they can to get you into legal trouble without same or remorse.

Let’s take a look in another way. The internet. There’s so much hate and fear filled right wing reactionaries out there. It’s amazing their ego projection and what they think is true even though objectively they make no sense at all. Whatever they can do to emotionally manipulate you. It’s like trying to be friendly and try to have an intellectual conversation with them being a lightworker on how their beliefs is wrong , all I can say is this , it must SUCK to be their therapist because chances they would change for the better …. 

If there was a cure for these mentally ill hateful and cruel bullies online and offline , their dark evil spirit would no longer exist. 

There seems to be two options on the table. Violence ( as Antifa has pointed out , it seems like the only language right wingers understand . )

And a peaceful way which I would suggest Anarchist friendly psychological help to get rid of their mental illness and they would need to be but in a straight jacket and mental hospital until they are cured !

But here’s the problem , we have this hierarchical system in the way.
That’s why Anarchists can not build the new world in the shell of the old.
That’s why people who suffer with the dark triad are never cured.
And free to go about doing whatever they do. They kill people , they abuse people on and offline. Sure there maybe some legal that will take care of the individual problem afterwords ( with enough facts , proof , court cases that never ever ever end EVER and go nowhere , Sorry not my problem indifference of friendships and your fellow human beings , etc )
But it’s like plywood over a pothole . Your rules mean nothing. Your law and order means nothing.
If someone got killed , is law and order going to bring them back ? No. They can pay for the funeral ( or discount ) or I don’t know. But I do know from my research that “ THEY DO NOT PREVENT THE PROBLEM FROM HAPPENING AGAIN ! “

I see humans , but here’s the humanity !

If you ask my opinion , perhaps the idea of Law of Attraction ushering a 5D Earth which such evil will desegregate on their own would do the trick peacefully.

HOWEVER even though it’s not my opinion , but perhaps A THEORY which I can see.
Sociopaths are not willing to give up so easily. And it would be nice if we had ambulances and doctors from mental hospitals and an anarchist frame of mind go after these bullies.
But unfortunately because of the hierarchical systems globally , they seem to be the biggest problems. Everyone who doesn’t have the sort of money and power are just the little brainwashed zombie / robotic minded sociopaths of the aftermath of it all.
The minions that hold you down with their blind faith.

We see this all the time. Perhaps it is much more violent in the not so “ FREE COUNTRIES “ .
But it’s not specifically this government or that , it’s not this individual or that individual.

Perhaps in an Anarchist Society , a much more peaceful way of going about it is possible. Curing the sick , helping them with another chance of life.

Many other Anarchists have thoughts on this. But in the meantime , mental health institutions conform to the status quo. Anyone who isn’t right wing can be diagnosed by a neurologist for a whole list of diagnosis due to the warp perception of those in power , DSM , etc.

What will be , will be. I still pray for peace and love globally on this Earth and nonviolent resistance regardless.

_ Erica


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