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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Who is the Hierarchy ?

Who is the Hierarchy ?
An Anarchist Blog Post Article studying the psychology of the authoritarian personality.

One of the things that I’ve most certainly learned about myself is the ability to see patterns and able to put it all together like a puzzle. I am well aware of my current controversial statements which I said within my personality type related videos asking if certain personality types are more pure ( meaning most likely to handle 5D spiritual energy and Anarchist liberation ) while other personality types are more grounded in the here and now , Earth world. As of now , I believe my Twin Flame is an ESFP . Cassady Cayne of Twin Flames 11:11 has stated that some Twin Flame couples result to one ( me using MBTI terms ) being spiritually attuned aka iNtuitive while the other one material aka Sensor. Perhaps the battle isn’t of iNtuitives vs Sensors.
But what if it’s on ST / TJ personality types vs the NPs / Fs ? I personally think anything can be typed. Even though mbtibase has gone down the crappy with trolling & viruses and all , still the concept of the website was quite fascinating. If we can type anything , perhaps we can pin point what humanity has been looking for for the good of not only Humanity but life on Earth.
According to The Anarchist FAQ , maybe perhaps certain personality types are conditioned due to levels of how hierarchy or even Authoritarian upbringing has effected them psychologically and beyond. . A little bit ago , Libertarian Socialist Rants put out an Anti-Psychiatry video . I found this very interesting since I have put out a video of a similar nature stating that it’s not only Anarchists that could be diagnosed but also people of Spiritual ability and empathy of all sorts and anyone who is right brained and isn’t an STJ for the most part. Like Libertarian Socialist Rant’s Cameron , I too have been diagnosed in childhood with Asperger’s Syndrome but I feel it’s state labeling. And I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way regarding misdiagnoses and iNtuitives.
What’s interesting is would this mean we need to give up certain diagnoses when it comes to toxic people ? Would that mean it’s their personality type and not a diagnosis ?

What I did find interesting according to my research is that certain personality types as well as those who would be labeled as Psychopaths / Sociopaths have pretty much the same human fears which would be strengths to say other personality types for example.

But here’s the thing. Any kind of fear is toxic. If we all united for love and peace instead of fear then the world would be a better place for everyone.

As a lightworker the answer is so simple. Love ! And perhaps the greatest example of any sort of social movement would most likely be over 50 years ago , the 1960s.
But thanks to the internet , people are getting smarter but at the same time fear wants to stop all love out.

I’m not saying anyone who rejects love is evil. My Twin Flame became a Runner since 2016.

And as much as we know the answer , the biggest fear is that these kinds of people are not going to trust the power of love instead of the love of power. So they are going to use whatever evil power they have to stop love. Sure we can be protected thanks to The Law of Attraction as our shield , but what’s going to happen to the so called “ Bad Villains of Life “ ?

The problem with Narcissists and Psychopaths is that they lie , and I know that through out my whole entire life I have fell into the trap of Narcissistic Abuse. A couple times resulting in years of a friendship before realizing that this person was a lying abusive bully who never cared in the first place. This included a woman from 2010 - 2011 who tricked me into a 1 year relationship that didn’t go anywhere except her manipulating me. I still have the same Amazon account that I had for 10 years now , and I’m quite shocked just how generous I have been when it comes to giving gifts. Even my mother had to help pay a close to $80 dinner bill at a non-formal restaurant. Likewise in the Summer of 2016 , I meet this woman who was 6 to 8 years older than me and here I go again , I give into nice people and later get taken advantage of. I wasn’t in a romantic / sexual relationship with her at all even though she tried her best to talk me into it.
And let’s just say you never ever f**k with an artist. lol

Anarchists know that perhaps it’s not the who but the what and the what is hierarchy and therefore needs to be done away with. Left Wing New Agers say that it’s dark entities or male violent extraterrestrials that are causing trouble and the way to defeat that is love. And as much as many Anarchists say that New Age is like religion as a whole and it’s nothing more but brainwashed propaganda from the ruling class , let me just say that I personally as well as my Twin Flame have indeed been to Hell and Back.
( Why did the famous gag from The Young Ones come to my mind ? )
Anyway, we aren’t the only Twin Flames to experience this.

Most people would tell you in order to deal with a toxic person is to ignore them. Didn’t I say that once before ?

But if there’s something that I’ve learned in recent years as an Anarchist , it’s not it’s not just toxic people online or perhaps someone who would meet somewhere who faked a relationship with you of any nature. Perhaps it’s also the very people who govern us. With Trump it’s obvious ! But I’m talking about anyone in the positions of power , Hollywood people who allow Stupid People To Get Famous and actual creative / talented people who don’t earn as much as they do ( young sexy untalented pop stars and acting people ) end up going to comic conventions to make their living. Sure it’s fun to meet your favorites and to say thank you, but the autograph prices , YIKES ! Remember those days where you could just send a letter and get it for free in the mail ? Can’t do it anymore. I think a new version of Comic Con is in order personally , of an anti-capitalist kind in fact.

So what are we to do ? Well here’s the thing. Love Conquers Fear and Hate !

And I personally do not think that Anarchism and Satire is negative energy.

IT’s the love of liberation of the soul.

And what determines bad toxic energy depends on the feeling of the individual I think.

I for one stand by a peaceful revolution .

But that all depends on the hierarchical control freaks that have power over us.
If they can’t be cured then it’s all about power to the people instead of the people in power.

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_ Erica

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