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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My Digital Collection

The following is legal due to “ Fair Use “ under the United States of America Government Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 . Review , Commenting , Criticism , etc.

That includes but not limited to the copyrighted images shown in this very video.

But at the same time , I’m an Anarchist so I’m spitting and flipping the bird while I’m writing out this legal disclaimer !

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My DVD Collection


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Many thanks to my old time friend “ Cory “

For introducing me to some of my favorites.

To check out his DVD Collection ,

Check out his YouTube channel right here.

Eventually he will be coming to visit my YouTube Channel

For future pop culture related videos in the near future.

Disclaimer : Some DVDs feature some mild adult content . Also there’s a few DVDs that might be missing

From my collection like The Critic and Airplane , but for the most part , it is pretty much 95 / 99.9 %

Of Every single DVD I currently own in my personal DVD collection so far. Also I do apologize for the

Automatic focus , contrast , any audio issues , having my tongue dry up and stumbling over myself mispronouncing words

And such. I need all new filming equipment and a brand new tripod. lol

So if your interested in my artist influences or perhaps to see what my taste in entertainment is ,

If your that curious , then join me at home which feels like a virtual visit with me as I

treat you as a friend and welcome you to took at my DVD collection one by one !

Check out more from Erica Crooks ( me )

- Hilarious puppet and cartoon dark comedy , parodies , satire , slapstick humor for adults

- Personality Type Science , mostly INFP

* LGBTQ+ activism ( Especially Transgender Lesbians )

* Empath : Twin Flames , Lightworker , Heyoka , Old Soul , Indigo / Crystal , Starseeds

* New Age / New Thought Spirituality From Law of Attraction to 5D Earth

* Libertarian Socialist Anarchism ( Cultural / Pacifism )

* Pop Culture Reviews / Comic Con / Puppets and Cartoon Animation



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