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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Uniting The American Left ( satire & politics )

Uniting The American Left ( satire & politics )

Liberal and Libertarian : Satire and Politics

I’ve addressed this before. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the blog or blog video.
But one of the things I’ve noticed as a satirist and an Anarchist is basically to tell the difference between political ideologies .
Most people just trust the two party system which are both centrist which political system is rigged and just plain bunk !

One of the things that I’ve noticed about how the British , French and people from Europe is that their satire is the best ! They are pretty close if not then uncensored ! 
There had been news last year about the possibility of an American Spitting Image and an American Les Guignols , and I knew they would never ever see the light of day. Taking a look at the Three American NBC Spitting Image specials , they were amazingly satirical and of course rarely seen sense. I heard they didn’t do so well in America which is a shame.

I’m not saying at all that American satire sucks ! There were great gems but they are quite old.
For example , here’s a Mad Magazine satire on Howdy Doodey .
Now I’m 30 so not even my own mother remembers watching Howdy Doodey . Unless it was in reruns in the 1970s , I don’t know. But I have watched episodes of Howdy Doodey and …. HOWDY DOODY , THAT SHOW F**KIN SUCKS ! It’s patronizing and brainwashing kids into capitalism. And Mad Magazine totally hits the mark , and this was the 1950s ! 
Likewise the Underground Comix movement of the 1960s ,

I ask you ! Other than kick ass sites like this ,
Do we ever see American satire and political truth telling from the left like that in the mainstream ? Ok , hating Trump , BUT THAT’S IT !

Spitting Image was made by satirists with the secret hope to cause a social revolution !
If you have a spare hour to watch a documentary , please watch the 30th anniversary of Spitting Image documentary ( Thatcher died the very year ! How ironic ! ) 
Please watch 27:23 ! At least !
Moralists , Romantics , Idealists , Social Reformers . Sounds like satirists are Anarchists don’t it. :) How about the Heyoka empath of Native American Culture and New Age Spirituality ? Indeed.

Even Spitting Image’s Steve Nallon write about it.

I asked him if Spitting Image worked off of a specific leftist political ideology and he told me that Spitting Image was basically Anti-Government . I looked it up and Anti-Government meant Anarchism , I did research and I could relate to Anarchism since. :)

Back to satire. Sure there’s many great satires out there but mostly it’s single issues from the left and before I got into Anarchism , that’s what I thought politics were about , what issues you stand by individually. Anarchism says simply , it’s hierarchy that’s the problem and you look down the chains and there’s intellectual knowledge and facts that back it up beyond The New World Order Conspiracy Theories which are very close and pretty much on the same page , that is from a leftist point of view.

Dinosaurs would be another show that went beyond The Simpsons I think.

My favorite part about Dinosaurs was they always sort of had this show within a show aspect.

The Dinosaurs were just like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 1990s movies ( Also built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop ) , Animatronic costume puppets which the head is worked with a Waldo ! Sid the Science Kid ( * excuse me …… I go away from writing this blog to vomit in the toilet , I lay down a bit and then I go back to finish this blog because SID THE SCIENCE KID , DINOSAUR TRAIN , SPLASH & BUBBLES EVEN THOUGH ARE THE EXTREME OPPOSITE OF THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS … THEY ALSO SUCK ! “ Is performed in the similar way but done through CGI digital puppetry.

However when The Sinclair family puts on the television , that’s when the irreverent fun begins .

And I always thought , won’t it be cool if they were a TV show of their own ? Kind of like a Robot Chicken sort of thing.

That’s what inspired me to do it in that very format with my satirical puppet show “ The Erica Crooks Show “ .

What was awesome about Dinosaur TV was it was just a satirical ATTACK against mainstream television capitalism with satire. 

Dinosaurs was one of the best puppet comedy shows EVER !

Even Kevin Clash said that the most important aspect of the show was the writing and everything else came afterwords.

Brain Henson admitted that the show was filled with lefty writers !

They even attacked Axl Rose and Barney the Dinosaur ( beyond what anyone was doing in mainstream television , including The Simpsons ) .

But still , that was as close to American satire as I’ve seen. Sure Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butt-head was great as well as The classic Simpsons , Early South Park episodes , etc
But the thing I’ve noticed was most of them were libertarian ( aka US right wing libertarian ) .
And when they lampoon the left , they really sock it too them hard , just as hard as conservatives. 

Though I agree , when they go to certain issues that are pro-right wing , yeah it’s sort of a turn off.

So today that’s South Park , Mad Magazine , Bill Maher , etc.

They are the only satirists to make such headlines. Though I personally think that there’s more satirical punch towards liberals then there is to the right so it really is middle ground patriotism .

If I’m going to take anything that’s liberal , I rather watch Rachel Maddow. She’s just fun to watch and I just want a hug from her. :) 

But on the satirical side , you want to see the true ugliness of liberal satire ?

And this is the American left ! These are the people who’s closest to socialism and issues Anarchists care about while Libertarians in the US are kind of right wing and call anything liberal Social Justice Warrior .
And even dissing the 1960s .
Animaniacs is hilarious and beautifully well done drawing and animation. But obviously , this anti-hippie gag is clearly US libertarian.

So here’s a recap

Who’s funnier out of the two ?
Liberals or Libertarians ? 
Answer : Libertarians !

Who’s more caring about the people closest to Socialism , Left Communism and Anarchism ?
Answer : Liberals

Left Progressive websites that sell buttons sometimes have anarchist and all things leftist  stuff on there so it’s obvious.  
Like these
And this


Ok , back to the blog !


Liberal or Libertarian : Who’s so anti-government ?
Answer : NONE ! ( waving American Flags ) .

Let me explain in another way.

My parents.

My father was right wing and raised Catholic . And I feared this man since I was a kid. He threatened to hurt me , this man and his equally toxic wife GAVE ME POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER and DEPRESSION , and even though I stop seeing and speaking to my father since 2012 , I STILL GET NIGHTMARES OF THAT HORRIBLE MAN who deserves to stay in a mental hospital until cured ! 
So I wonder if you leftists out there had a father like that , and if you did , Trump is just a reminder as well as those fascists who support right wing !

Libertarian , clearly this website .
I think Quinton’s MBTI related articles are great
as well as his website Truth Control and his infographic on The New World Order.
And ok , I have contributed to comments and some content and I didn’t know what socialism was which I thought were liberals so yeah I kind of screwed up , sorry about that.

And also there’s Bob Proctor .

Now I don’t mean to sound like a hypocrite , but I will say this.

Pro : There are clearly leftist ideas as well as things that are pro iNtuitive !

Con : There are also things I also disagree with. And of course things that are against what Libertarian Socialist Anarchism is about.

So even though there are things that are quite complimentary , there’s also things of disagreement as well.

Sometimes pro cons then pros politically.

Here’s an example . 

Those who believe that Libertarian Socialism doesn’t work.

And those who do believe STRONGLY that Libertarian Socialism DOES INDEED WORK !

I still don’t know if Cameron ( Libertarian Socialist Rants ) was replying to Quinton ( Slayerment ) 

Now , you have this thing called “ Liberal Media “ but is it really liberal media ?

A Liberal I can picture my Mom ! Except my mother has a weight problem and she isn’t as active as she used to be.

Liberal Mom sort of symbolism can be a friend to Anarchists , especially those who are in the government . 

This was probably one of the first times I’ve watched Rachel Maddow.
And thanks you watching ContraPoints and other videos , I now know what this all means.

She’s awesome :)

On a positive note , it’s wonderful to see Trans women out there who also want to help making the world a better place.

Though for me , I’m a pacifist . But I do have empathy with the morals and understand where these leftists like Antifa and Black Bloc where they are coming from where most people don’t unfortunately.

Then you have Bill Maher ( US right wing libertarian )

So Anarchists are liberals ?

This is what is labeled as “ DEVISION IN OUR COUNTRY “

This is the one thing that both Liberals and Libertarians can agree upon.
Trusting that the state is just. And if your a leftist who believes in something like The New World Order , your crazy or not very bright ? So much for uniting the left right ?

So what does this look like ? This so called free country ?

I’ll tell you. A struggling marriage.

Say THE LOVE OF THE COUNTRY which hierarchy worship is symbolized as Fundamentalist Religion like Right Wing Christianity ( or really right wing religion ) 
And the husband is the holder of the religion and he’s a narcissistic , sociopathic , mentally ill abusive man who needs to be locked up in a mental hospital until cured.

And the liberal wife has some form of submission , low self-self-esteem , codependent , and the very victim under the control of his narcissistic supply.

Liberal stands for wanting things nice and thinks from the heart to bring about harmony for any situation without hurting anyone’s feelings !

Libertarian thinks with their head and also wants things to be fair but knows how to get daddy to shut up by focusing more on capitalism instead of worrying about the kind of weirdo friends mommy is bringing into the high middle class house hold. That’s the big capitalist brother right there. And he’s funny , he’s smart , but insensitive !

And let’s just say that the leftist , the Anarchist , the left wing communist , the so called butthurt crybaby , special snowflake , SJW is a spiritual empath who believes in The Law of Attraction , Believes a new world can be possible. Totally an NP type and perhaps has a little sister who’s an SFP .

Liberal : ESFJ
Right Wing : ESTJ / ISTJ
Libertarian : INTJ / ENTJ
Leftist : INFP , SFP , NFJ ?

Ok so the MBTI typing might not be exactly set in stone but that’s kind of the pattern I see it if each political ideology was a stereotypical cisgender heterosexual family.
So the problem with Liberal and Libertarian is this.
Government has brainwashed them to the point where they never need to worry about them.

Republican can panic about Democrats just like Trump but he’s an idiot.

So when it comes to statist liberals … Perhaps Spitting Image put it best.

And for the right wing

( Nice Butch Lesbian as Thatcher ;) CUTE <3 )

Both from the election special of 1987 

Government is like Network DVD , no matter how much you complain , it’s up to them if they want to release more Spitting Image DVDs. Still Disney DVD is worse for not releasing classic Muppet DVDs , they stopped at the three seasons of The Muppet Show and the movies … THAT’S IT ?
Sorry , off subject.

Anyway , the 1960s were so close ! So when people say that today it’s like the 1960s ? Well , let’s just say that Anarchists do exist , but we need to Unite The Left !

Here’s how it all goes ….

If people protest , that’s good for a start. But they get permits ? 
So what’s the point in protesting ? To show how pissed off you are ?
Good but now what ?
“ I’m so angry , I’m going to vote ! “
( hand over my face )

( I need to see more of this show. Lol )
And unfortunately , I’m on the satirical cartooning side . Lol :P

I told you I’m a pacifist !

Anyway , 

One of the big things in terms of why things I find funny isn’t in mainstream anymore which the common person answers “ It’s a different world today “ .

Oh really ?

If we wake up to the truth , perhaps people won’t give up and be indifferent.

Something is going on here !

Perhaps we can put this “ Oh dear our country is divided “ nonsense and see the truth for what it really is !

Perhaps the extremes politically isn’t about separation but exposing THE TRUTH of the political nature.

If republicans can get away with being authoritarian / totalitarian / fascists they would and THEY HAVE !

BUT if liberals totally got libertarian socialist anarchism / anarcho-communism ……


Here’s some videos I recommend for research and knowledge regarding anarchism .

And of course

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