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Friday, October 26, 2018


Erica Crooks Twin Flame Lesbian , telepathy
Why Twin Flame Business and Business on New Thought / New Age / Law of Attraction / Spirituality is just plain WRONG !

By Erica Crooks
( Twin Flame , Lightworker , Old Soul , Indigo / Crystal , Starseed , Heyoka empath , New Thought / New Age Spirituality Anarchist , Leftist * yeah they are really gonna hate that ! * lol :P )

If you want to get to Twin Flame Union and exit Separation and Ascension , if you want to succeed with manifestation of The Law of Attraction . Know that it’s all about Feeling AS IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY ! Meaning feeling happy , feeling good , feeling relaxed , looking forward to it , BELIEVING !

We manifest how we feel more than what we think. Someone can think of Death , doesn’t mean they are gong to DIE ! Unless the thoughts are specifically about “I’m dying” . But then again perhaps your time is not up. And what is time ? In a 5D Earth , would all passed on goals return as pure love ? Maybe.

Anyway , we’ve all heard about problems with The Secret . Thought the only problem I see is when they say that you can not change and influence the world and you can only attract your basic human needs. Most people are not only unaware of Law of Attraction but also Anarchism ( Check out The Anarchist FAQ ) . Perhaps they are are unaware of their own personality type as well as those of others ( I suggest MBTI Myers Briggs / I’m an INFP myself ) . 
Perhaps people are unaware that the so called world of Good vs Evil is in truth a world of FEAR vs LOVE ! Which explains the Right vs Left in politics . Right being Fear and Left being love .
Ever wonder why rich people are right wing ? It’s probably because money is faux / Pseudo and you have been lied to !

So if you did your home work about Anarchism and Anti-capitalist New Age / New Thought Spirituality ( I strongly recommend in5D ) , then you can probably see just how phony a lot of these Twin Flame guru entrepreneurs and New Thought / New Age / Law of Attraction Spirituality can be. Because if these jerks needed money to live on , WOULDN’T THEY JUST MANIFEST IT THROUGH LAW OF ATTRACTION ? My mother manifested $45 in the mail out of the blue ! AND SHE NEEDS IT ! She doesn’t exploit anyone with capitalism.

The thing about business is it’s FAKE altruism ! A spiritual coach can totally rip you off the phone and take your money just by LISTENING TO YOUR PROBLEMS ! And if you have phone problems , they ain’t gonna give you your hard earned money back. In fact not only would they have a proxy on their devices , an unlisted telephone number and a PayPal account with the email being the only contact information , THEY ARE FREAKIN’ Sociopaths ! They treat the working class like crap and when your on the phone with them. They act nice.
As I mentioned in my previous blog post , sociopaths are everywhere because we live in an hierarchical system that ALLOWS anti-social behavior just as long as it doesn’t harm capitalism which ALL HIERARCHY IS PRO SOCIOPATH ! Facebook : 
Hierarchy meaning people ruling over you. So how do I know about the details about coaching. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WITH A CERTAIN TWIN FLAME COACH ! As I mentioned in many of my Twin Flame videos , you know when they are fake once they told you that your Twin Flame who ran from you isn’t real. And that Twin Flames are always nice. NOT TRUE ! I’m not saying that my Twin Flame is a sociopath even though I did think this when my Twin Flame hurt me badly but My Twin Flame was running.

If your worried your Twin Flame is seeing someone else , or sleeping with someone else ? Or fear that your Twin Flame isn’t going to find you attractive for whatever reason ? Most likely than not , they are going to think the same of you. You maybe the Twin Flame who doesn't act out but MY TWIN FLAME IS ! But it was out of fear.
Want to know if this is your Twin Flame. Listen to your Twin Flame and listen to your Spirit Guides.

Check out my Twin Flame videos that I made after a 1 year realization that my Twin Flame REALLY And TRULY IS MY TWIN FLAME !

And just because there are Twin Flames out there with expensive products doesn’t mean that they are LIARS like the one I mentioned , HOWEVER if you DO choose to buy these products or services and you come to the realization that even if the information is good or not , it wasn’t worth your price and time , well perhaps some learn best from experience.


Well for me , I was in telepathy with my Twin Flame for 9 years before meeting her face to face.
YES I bought and used whatever service I can get my hands on. 
But once you know the knowledge ? What’s going to happen ? Are you going to get sued by some New Thought / New Age Capitalists ? No more from a FAKE Psychic trying to earn a living.

YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES ARE FOR YOU ! And just because you’ve heard stories of Twin Flames screwing other people and sleeping around and becoming addicts and WHATEVER doesn’t mean THAT’S YOUR TWIN FLAME ! If anything , I like to say satirically that sounds more like the behind the scenes of these idiots with Multiple Source of Income SCAMS !


I know what’s it like being on the “ New Thought / New Age Hamster Wheel. This was my life from 2012 - 2016 and I DID IT so I can get help manifesting the telepathy soulmate who claimed as early as 2007 in my life that SHE IS REAL ! “ I did not come across the term “ Twin Flames “ until 2016 when the Running started and shortly when I meet my Twin Flame.

Just remember , be aware of your own feelings. If your nervous , so will your Twin Flame. You want to keep things cool and chill , look the more you worry , the likely change your Twin will run. But they are much more calmer in Telepathy.

So if you want to blame someone for YOUR AND YOUR TWIN FLAME’S SUFFERING , it’s like everyone else “ HIERARCHY “ . Capitalism is hierarchy.

What if your Twin Flame was dangling off a cliff and the so called Twin Flame guru has the perfect tool to save your Twin Flame’s life ( AND PROBABLY YOURS because if Twin Flames are connected and both are incarnated on Earth even if you are the oldest twin of the two , you might also die. But then again , light workers are needed to perhaps a miracle could happen anyway … ) I’m just saying , in this symbolic example … The guru would say “ NO , not unless you pay me “ and “ Only I use this tool , if you touch it , I will sue you and court and make you send your life in prison “ .
There’s Twin Flame coaches WHO ONLY PRETEND TO BE NICE UNTIL THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT ! Sounds like Narcissistic Supply. Ever heard of couples that together FOR MONEY ONLY ? Sounds like my ex- Father’s marriage after my mother broke up.

JUST BE CAREFUL ! Always check with your spirt guides. My Spirit Guides told me that they cut my phone conversation with him off because HE WAS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH ! I may have lost a couple of hundred , but a lesson I’ve learned.

So , you can either take my advice or forget about it . But if you get screwed , I warned you.

And again not all spiritual coaches and life coaches are BAD ! Even if they choose to price it ridiculously . It’s the “ What do I think my life and time is worth “ . 
I learned all of this stuff from being a member of The Bob Proctor Streaming Club and Six Minutes To Success , books like Think and Grow Rich and The Science of Getting Rich.
Great Philosopher , smart NTJ ( personality type ) but let’s just say Once an Anarchist , ALWAYS an Anarchist. 

Anyone and Everyone can be rich without exploiting people. Again check out The Anarchist FAQ and just apply Law of Attraction.

I think my Twin Flame got screwed by people too. I’ve heard similar stuff in telepathy to be careful. She would even suspect those I trusted at the time.

And speaking of my Twin Flame. I think we are almost close to Union.

Perhaps I’ll invite her onto my stuff if she wants after Union.

_ Erica

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