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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

INFP thoughts

INFP Thoughts

Ok so I decided to make #INFP blog videos which I noticed that perhaps the internet and the world needs more of.

Perhaps even coming from a #transgender #lesbian woman #anarchist #newthought #newage #lawofattraction believer such as myself.

So things I will talk about in this video is how INFPs tend to fall pray to sociopaths and narcissists and psychopaths getting taken advantage of

( Read “ Adults Get Bullied Too ! on regarding my experience if your interested ) , How people can get their personality type WRONG due to a lack of self-worth and a lack of self-love , a big difference between INFPs and ENFPs , and maybe INFPs are types that take personality type science most seriously which makes since because Isabel Briggs Myers most certainly is.

Now are all INFP people #empath , #oldsoul , #lightworkers ? I don’t know. I’m a #heyoka myself .

And of course INFP people have their own set of morality , values and ethics .

Here’s mine

Facebook page :

Youtube video

Vimeo link :

Dailymotion :

As well as a related #webcomic regarding to what I’m talking about here

And are there right wing INFP patriot veterans ? I don’t know , who am I to judge someone’s happiness and passions in this life.

However I am a leftist , pacifist ( anti-war ) , and a social anarchist so already you would know that I’m on the other side of the street politically.

But still an INFP is open minded to pretty much any kind of person you can think of no matter what their differences are , because we see “people” in a sense of a collective humanity. WE ARE ALL ONE at the end of the day.

_ Erica

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