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Friday, June 2, 2017

Twin Flames Part 2

The following video is 100 % REAL ! I am a 100 % REAL TWIN FLAME ! You can trust me !

( This is me wrapping up part 1 : )

This is my first ever Twin Flame video that I ever released and I cover pretty much most of the basics of my understanding of What twin flames are , how Twin Flame Ascension feels like , beware of false Twin Flame teachers online trying to cash in on what they’ve never actually experience , how False Twins are not even twins at all , why you would think your Twin Flame is your false if you don’t clear your telepathy from bad entities , how there’s all of that misunderstanding ( True Twin Flame vs False Twin Flame , Dark Side of Cupid , Alien Love Bite * aliens might be involved , I don’t know * , etc ) etc. Also how Twin Flame Ascension is like pulling a muscle , every single heartbreak deal breaker come to haunt you with extreme emotions so it will be released and forgiven with unconditional love.

Also of course my own Twin Flame experience and Karmic / ( False Twin ? ) relationship previous to meeting my Twin.

Also to explain that I’m just talking from my experience and everyone’s experience is different.

I happen to be a non-op Transgender woman lesbian ( divine feminine ) and my Twin is a cisgender masculine butch stud lesbian. My Twin and I are still in Twin Flame Ascension but I see things slowly calming down now.

This will be the only video that I will be doing right now but will keep you all updated on my social media listed on and just search Twin Flames in it.

I won’t answer questions at this time. But from my understanding , it’s related to Law of Attraction ( New Age / New Thought Spirituality ) in terms of manifesting Union , Self Love , trusting ONLY your heart and intuition from God and spirit guides if you talk to them telepathically or signs being shown to you , even angel numbers like 11:11 on your clock or license plates , heart shapes on the ground , etc.

And remember to stay in contact with your Twin in telepathy also your twin’s higher self and past lives could help you as well as guides , etc.

Forgive and send love. Love is the answer to all of this according to my understanding. Clear Karma / Chakras / Energy with meditation , whatever you can find online. Info online is there but the best info on there originally comes from the source ( Universe , God , Angels , Spirit Guides , You and your Twin’s higher self , etc ).

This has been a 10 year spiritual journey for me which started when I was in my last year of high school in 2007.

I have been in telepathy with my Twin or Twin’s higher self or both for 9 years with no knowledge of Twin Flames.

I first came out of the closet in 2008 and so did the vision of my Twin , in 2013 I fully came out of the closet.

I took everything seriously with this soulmate telepathic communication from the future in 2012 searching high and low , studying and practicing Law of Attraction / New Age / New Thought Spirituality , and doing crazy stuff like trapping myself at Penn Station New York with little money for 12 hours.

I meet many similar people ( crushes ) most in one year would be late 2015 which I finally meet my Twin Flame before xmas. I got to really know my Twin between March and April and that’s when Ascension happened but most notably in September onward.

Again forgive your Twin , they are scared , they are in Ego , The Twin Flame Runner , and even if you get hurt emotionally no that your twin didn’t mean it. They are scared and using denial , ego , etc as a defense to hide their fear. You and your Twin share the same soul. So there will be tons of similarities positive and negative. Forgive yourself , forgive your Twin. Your Twin will return when they are ready , don’t force it.

Inside out NOT Outside in. That’s what it’s all about. As far as I know.

As of June 1st 2017 I don’t have anything on there specifically relating to Twin Flames but

keep checking for updates in the future on my websites.

_ Erica

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